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Weston Park from trees and grass landscape.
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Weston Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit Weston Park for family fun in this stately home, boasting nature trails, house tours and more.
  • Don't miss out on the events that Weston Park holds, from festive Christmas activities to the Weston Park Model show.
  • The attractions include the House, Temple Wood, glorious Walled Gardens, an exhilarating adventure playground, a touring miniature railway, plus a gallery and gift shop, stables coffee bar and restaurant.

Weston Park, Shropshire, is a delightful and welcoming stately home, well known for its many stories as well as charming character, the epitome of English castles and royal homes. Brought into the modern era, Weston offers visitors the chance to experience stunning gardens, architecture and history. The House and Stables are also open for weddings, conferences, business meetings, team building events, hospitality, private parties, family fun days, activity days and more. You're sure to have an unforgettable trip, as there is something for all ages at this country house.

Weston Park is the former family residence of the Earls of Bradford, currently owned by the Weston Park Foundation, which is an independent charitable trust. The House has a p collection of objects, artefacts, art, antiques, silver and fine china, which is exquisite in itself, ye it is also the heart of celebratory events, like weddings and birthdays, becoming a special place for many people. This atmosphere of joy runs through the DNA of the house, as in this family favourite location, you can find plenty of things to do. From relaxing trails around the elaborate house to an activity room with traverse wall, plus dressing up and board games to keep the little ones occupied. Step outside and experience the gardens and fresh air, let your imaginations run wild in the woodland adventure playground, and tour the estate on the miniature railway around parkland to explore its magnificence.

Don't miss out on the 1,000 acres of Capability Brown Parkland to explore! The little ones will love discovering this gorgeous landscape both on foot or by bike, especially when they find the fun-filled adventure playground which is tucked neatly in Brown's Pleasure Ground of Temple Wood. More than just gardens, this landscape reflects more than 300 years of garden design, boasting the informality of the landscape right through to the formal, organised lines of the Victorian terraces which were laid out by Edward Kemp. The Head Gardener at the park in Weston also created new gardens from the late 20th Century Teardrop Garden to Lady Anne's Memorial Garden more recently, and they regularly update the gardens. You definitely won't want to miss out on the Walled Kitchen Gardens, which was originally producing vegetables and fruit for the Bridgeman family, along with everyone else who stayed in the house. Built on the south-facing slope, the 4.5 acres of the garden dates back from the 18th century and these special gardens were in production right through to the 1970s. Even the parkland and gardens have a rich, fascinating history.

Continuing your heritage day out and make your way to the Library House for a night in the heart of the Gorge, located just 60 metres from the bridge itself. You and your family can enjoy this five-star guesthouse which was once the old village library, its history dating back to the time of the Industrial Revolution. History lovers will love seeing how the original library shelves have been maintained in the guest lounge, and still brimming with fascinating books. If you want to enjoy even more learning at Weston, then speak with the great team of volunteer guides who are happy to enlighten visitors with information and offer anecdotes and interesting stories from the estate.

For those looking for some fun activities, don't miss out on the parkland walks and the Woodland Adventure Playground. Plus there are the Autumn Mini Markets which are in the Stables Courtyard each Sunday through October, so there's always something cute on offer. Get your little ones to make a natural rainbow, or go hunting for bugs, maybe even conduct a pollinator survey, too. Weston fosters a safe environment promoting learning and discovery, at this beautiful, natural landscape, which is ideal for kids to get exploring through the trails around the park, uncovering secrets hidden within mystical woodlands, or just enjoying scavenger hunts or sensory walks. The Woodland Playground boasts slides, rotational nest swing, normal swings, a cargo net, trampolines, a climbing wall, a log swing, a large sandpit with sand diggers and one of the longest double zip wire at 40 metres!

You'll have a blast at Weston Park events, like the Weston Park Model Show, boasting something for all the family; from full-sized and model aircraft displays, circuit model car and off-road racing, helicopters and model boats. Of course, you'll have a hoot at the Christmas Line Up which includes a glorious Christmas Food and Craft Fayre and the family favourite, Enchanted Weston. Plus, with Weston Park Bonfire and Weston Park Fireworks on normally, there's something for every season, month and time of year. For more magical moments in the West Midlands, head to Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham.

For the full trip around the estate, try out The Weston Park Railway, which has in action, running for over 30 years from Weston Central Station and become one of Britain's premier miniature railways. You and your family can go on the one-mile journey, which takes around 12 minutes and letting riders experience the scenic Temple Wood as it travels past lakes and woodland, connecting you with wildlife at every turn, a breath of fresh air. Go from the Blymhill Drive station to where the track crosses the lake just over the bridge, and it will pass through the gorgeous woodland.

The House runs on a free-flow basis on certain days, like Fridays, Sundays and Mondays, followed by guided tour every 45 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For more great days out on Shropshire, check out the Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom to learn about all the exotic animals from different parts of the world, from meerkats to snakes, feeding demonstrations, go-karting and more.

What to know before you go

  • When you're feeling peckish, there is the Grill Restaurant which does great family-friendly meals, there is the coffee bar, plus there are great picnic spaces.
  • There are toilets, baby changing facilities and accessible toilets.
  • There are some gravel paths, making navigation difficult for those with pushchairs or a wheelchair, although many of the paths are accessible. As the estate is old, not everywhere is accessible to those in a wheelchair. The Miniature Railway does not have access for those in wheelchairs.
  • If you're looking for hotels near Weston Park, there are plenty of places to stay on site, from the Temple of Diana, The Knoll Tower, Pink Cottage, and more.
  • Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome

Getting there

  • Weston Park is located in Shropshire.
  • If travelling by public transport, the closest train stations are Telford at 12 minutes away, Wolverhampton at 25 minutes away and Stafford at 20 minutes away, from the stations you can get a cab as there are no public transport routes from there.
  • If travelling via car, Weston Park is found on the A5 at Weston-under-Lizard, 30 minutes from Central Birmingham, approximately three miles off the M54, Junction 3 and eight miles off the M6 Junction 12. You can also reach Weston Park via the M6 Toll Road.
  • There is parking on site.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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