A large wooden playhouse for children at the Twinlakes Theme Park.
The East Midlands
United Kingdom
The East Midlands
United Kingdom

Twinlakes Family Theme Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Set in 100 acres of beautiful countryside, Twinlakes Family Theme Park is jam-packed with awesome rides and attractions.
  • Explore 125,000 sq. ft of action-packed indoor play zones with soft play, giant slides, a towering rides, a roller rink and a pirate ship.
  • Enjoy a splashing good time at the Twinlakes water park, where you can race down slides, ride on the Log Flume and experience the Iron Moose Express Station.
  • Check out birds of prey from all over the world at the unmissable Bird of Prey Centre.
  • Stroke, hold and feed some animals at the Red Roster Zoo Farm and discover what animal activities are taking place.

Twinlakes Family Theme Parks  is a brilliant attraction situated in the market town of Melton Mowbray in the county of Leicestershire. Twinlakes Theme Park has a brilliant variety of family fun and entertainment including mega rides and attractions, animals, indoor and outdoor play areas, a giant splash play, a Falconry Centre and acres of stunning countryside.

Embrace your adventurous side in the Labyrinth Venture Zone where you will discover a giant bouncy pillow, a mini roller coaster, a merry-go-round, a pirate ship ride, a soft play area, a mirror maze and a roller rink. There is also a play area especially for under-threes. In the Buccaneers Island Zone, you can enjoy more family rides, from the Rum Runner Coaster to the Spinning Barrels, plus there is more soft play, a pirate ship and Santa's Magical Grotto. In the Action USA Zone, explore and celebrate everything there is to love about the USA! Ride on the Rio Grande Train and Buffalo Stampede Roller Coaster, take a cruise on a Bumper Boat and enjoy some time at the beach! Kids will love the breathtaking Fantasy Castle, which is a large wooden playhouse. Make your way to the Canada Quays Zone for a ride on a pedal boat, or sit back and relax and enjoy a tranquil 15-minute train ride around the Twinlakes Park.

A green and a red slide at the water park at Twinlakes Theme Park.

If your children love the water, visit the Au Guang Dragon Zone water park where you will discover half an acre of awesome wet and wild fun! Zoom down the Log Flume and splash down the incredible slides in the water park!

At the Red Rooster Zoo Farm, children can meet a variety of different animals, including sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, birds, monkeys and Twinlakes' famous meerkats. At the farm theatre, families can watch animal encounters, ferret-racing, plus much more. It's easy enough to spend the whole day here alone - and there is also a fantastic timetable of animal activities to choose from each day.

Learn all about wild species of birds of prey at the wonderful Bird of Prey Centre at Twinlakes Theme Park. From a small barn owl to an eagle, see an amazing array of over 20 birds and watch an awesome aerial display over the Melton Mowbray countryside. Ask as many questions as you want to the expert falconers who have a wealth of knowledge. At weekends and school holidays, you can join the falconers for a handling session. Discover how to hold a bird of prey and get your photo taken with them.

If you and your kids enjoying going to theme parks, Twinlakes is a brilliant venue with an awesome selection of activities and loads of family fun.

Explore the scenic countryside of Leicestershire and visit some other local attractions including Melton Carnegie Museum and Melton Country Park. Also worth visiting, Rutland Farm Park in Oakham is a small 18-acre working farm with lots of great animals to see. It's a 22-minute drive away. Or take a Robin Hood Town Tour in Nottingham, which is approximately a 40-minute drive away. Twinlakes' sister theme park, Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park, is in the neighbouring county Nottinghamshire and has the added bonus to being close to the beautiful Sherwod Pines Forest Park. Both are around an hour's drive away.

What to know before you go

  • The falcon display is on at 1pm and 3pm.
  • The handling sessions with the birds of prey have an additional small charge.
  • Twinlakes Park is most suited for children aged between 2 and 13 years old.
  • Kids aged 17 and under must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • With a great selection of adventure zones, a farm and a Bird of Prey Centre, it's easy to spend the whole day at Twinlakes.
  • There are a variety of places to eat throughout Twinlakes serving adult and children meals, including Crossbones Cafe at Bucaneers Island, Neros Cafe at the Labyrinth Venture Zone, Buffalo Bills BBQ Shack at Action USA, La Jardin Vert Cafe and Labyrinth Ice Creams. Or bring a picnic along with you - there are plenty of outside tables available to choose from. There are also some covered picnic areas in certain zones.
  • There is a Splash Shop selling a great range of gifts and souvenirs for children.
  • If you are staying overnight, there are a good variety of places to stay nearby, including Sysonby Knoll Hotel in Melton Mowbray, Stonepits Farm Bed and Breakfast in Wycomb, Wisteria Hotel in Oakham, Scalford Country House Hotel and Tattershall Lakes Country Park.
  • Twinlakes has a variety of seasonal events throughout the year, including Halloween, Easter and Christmas.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for the theme park, including comfortable footwear, as you may not be allowed on particular rides for health and safety reasons otherwise.
  • You can't take bags and other items on rides and there are restrictions on what you can leave on the ride platform.
  • There are age, height and weight restrictions for certain rides and attractions at Twinlakes Theme Park. There are certain rides using flashing lights, lighting effects and strobe lights.
  • The park is wheelchair and buggy accessible. In some areas, the pathways are uneven and there is rough terrain due to the rural location.
  • Bikes, rollerblades and scooters are not permitted in the park.
  • There are baby-changing facilities and accessible toilets available at Twinlakes.
  • Don't forget swimsuits and towels if you are going to use the water park. There are changing rooms and sun loungers available.
  • Some of the rides are not suitable for wheelchair users, and it's not advisable to use any of the rides whilst pregnant. Some of the rides at Twinlakes Park can be physically demanding and vigorous.
  • Hearing dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome in Twinlakes Park. It is not permitted to bring pets and animals into Twinlakes.

Getting there

  • Melton Mowbray is the nearest train station. There are direct trains from London St Pancras International, Leicester, Cambridge, Stanstead Airport and Birmingham New Street. From here, you can get a taxi from outside Melton Mowbray station to the theme park within five minutes.
  • During the summer school holidays, the Arrival 5A bus goes directly from Leicester city centre to Twinlakes Park.
  • There is free on-site parking. Please obtain prior permission from the park if you are coming in a camper van or motor vehicle because these vehicles are not usually allowed.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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