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Children playing at Tatton Park Playground.
North West England
United Kingdom
North West England
United Kingdom

Tatton Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Make friends with horses Tabitha and Blossom at the 1930's farm.
  • Go deer-spotting around the 1,000-acres of parkland.
  • Visit one of Cheshire's oldest, and perhaps most haunted historic sites.
  • Take in the beautiful Tatton Hall gardens, home to the annual Royal Horticultural Society flower show.

Nestled in the Cheshire countryside, just north of the town of Knutsford, you'll find Tatton Park. Home to a neo-classical mansion, a farm, manor house and over 50-acres of gardens as well as 1,000-acres of deer park, Tatton Park is one of our favourite destinations in the North West for a getaway day trip with the kids.

While the Old Hall was built in the 15th century, there is evidence that there was a settlement on the Tatton estate dating back to the Iron Age. In 1598 the Lord Chancellor of England, Sir Thomas Egerton, bought the estate, which remained in the Egerton family until the last Lord Egerton died in 1958, leaving Tatton Park to National Trust Cheshire. While the current mansion you can see on the grounds was built in the early 19th century, it has been changed and altered throughout the years, along with the Old Hall. On your visit, if you take a look inside the Manor House, make sure to look around the drawing-room, where you can find some of the most impressive pieces commissioned by Wilbraham Egerton when he owned the house in the late 18th century. The library in the Manor is also home to over 8,000 books from throughout history, one of the National Trust's largest collections.

Tatton Park Old Hall, while it may look a little more understated, is perhaps even more historically significant than the manor itself. Around the Old Hall, you can find the remnants of the old village of Tatton, of which just a few bumps in the ground remain. Classified as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, this site is historically significant due to the fact it sits on the site of the ancient village and road. As Tatton's oldest building, Tatton Park Old Hall has been rumoured to be home to some spooky spirits- you might even recognise it from its appearance on 'Most Haunted'!

Once you've had a look around the historical houses on site, make sure you don't miss a trip to the farm. This 1930's working farm is home to lambs, pigs, chicks and ducklings, as well as much more. Here you can take a look at an 18th century mill, and meet some past farm workers who will show you what life was like years ago. If you're lucky, you might be able to see someone milking a cow, or carrying out other traditional farming tasks. The Tatton Park farm has a Rare Breeds Accreditation, meaning you are likely to meet an animal or two who are classified as a rare breed, such as the very rare White Faced Woodland sheep, and Golden Guernsey goats. There are always lots of activities on offer at the farm, such as meeting newborn lambs during lambing season, holding baby chicks and even walking the pigs. Kids will also be happy to hear that there are lots of activities just for them at the farm, including a woodland trail, Maize Maze, den building zone and an indoor play barn.

Tatton Park Knutsford is famously home to 500-acres of garden, that has existed here for over 300 years. From the century-old Japanese garden complete with a Shinto shrine to the fabulous Walled Gardens, where all different types of pre-1900 fruits and vegetables are grown, each garden has a specific and fascinating history (Top Tip: You can buy seasonal produce grown in the Walled Gardens in the shop!). Every year in July, Tatton Park Gardens are transformed to accommodate the Tatton Park RHS Flower Show, which has come to be so popular it attracted over 100,000 visitors one year. Here, you can visit and view the creative show designs and check out the RHS National Flower Bed Competition.

While the houses, farm and gardens are a popular part of Tatton Park, they are in fact dwarfed by the 1,000-acres of surrounding parkland, which was established initially as a deer park in 1290. In fact, there is evidence of people living in this area as far back as the Stone Age. While you do need to purchase a ticket to visit the houses, farm and gardens (National Trust members go free), the parkland in the estate is free to walk, cycle, or run around. You can even bring your dog to visit too, as long as they are on a lead. This area is also home to Red and Fallow deer, as well as some rare breeds of sheep, so keep an eye out for them as you wander around!

There are many great things to do with kids at Tatton Park, with its year-round educational programme. The resources on offer are structured around the National Curriculum and include guided tours of the woodland with the Tatton Park rangers, as well as meeting the farm animals and checking for mini-beasts in the pond. Tatton Park is also a top destination for local schools, with a programme ranging from early years to Key Stage 3. Not to mention, there are also lots of courses for adults and teens, including animal husbandry, art classes, and horticulture lessons. Kids can also head over to the children's playground, where they will find plenty of things to climb, slide and jump around.

Tatton Park events take place throughout the year, such as Pumpkin Patch and Dragon Trail days at the farm, as well as a host of themed events around Christmas. If you fancy something to eat on your adventure to Tatton Park, The Stable Restaurant is open every day from 10am-5pm, serving everything from breakfast baps to children's lunchboxes. Or, if you feel like a picnic in the parkland, why not treat yourself to a Head Gardener's Picnic from the Gardener's Cottage? These pre-paid picnics are a fantastic option for alfresco dining and include freshly made sandwiches (smoked salmon anyone?), mini cakes and much more. Alternatively, you are always free to bring your own picnic to enjoy while you do some deer spotting in the parkland.

If your family day out at Tatton Park was a day to remember and you'd like to find more things to do in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, why not add a trip to the beautiful Castle Park House and Gardens to your list? Or, if you have some science lovers in the family, make sure to plan a trip to Catalyst Science Discovery Centre, where you'll find a mesmerising observatory, interactive exhibits and live demonstrations.

What to know before you go

  • The different locations at Tatton Hall are open at different times, but the parkland is open daily from 10am-7pm.
  • There are toilets, including accessible toilets and baby changing facilities on site.
  • The grounds are wheelchair and buggy friendly; however, there are some slopes and gravelled areas. There are visual and hearing aided guides available on site, and assistance dogs are allowed. There are also a small number of mobility scooters available to borrow for a small deposit.
  • If you are walking around the parkland, make sure to keep a distance from the deer, especially in October and November as this is when deer rutting will take place. You should also stay aware of ticks and blue-green algae.

Getting there

  • If you are travelling by car, Tatton Park is easy to get to via the M6, M56, and A50. Tatton Park is just a 35-minute drive from Chester via the M56 and half an hour from Manchester via the A5103 and M56. The Satnav postcode is WA16 6SG.
  • There is car parking available on site, with an entrance fee of £7 for the day, or £3.50 for Blue Badge holders.
  • If travelling by public transport, the nearest train station is Knutsford Railway Station, which is half a mile from the Knutsford entrance to the park, and then a two-mile walk to reach the main area. Alternatively, you can take a 'Bike & Go' from the station to cycle onto the estate or one of the local bus services.
  • Tatton Park is a stop on the Cheshire Cycleway if you choose to travel by bike.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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