The outside of the St Fagan’s National Museum of History building.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

St Fagan’s National Museum of History

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit St Fagan's National Museum of History and immerse yourself in traditional Welsh history, partaking in activities and tasks, exploring the area and having fun learning.
  • Check out the exhibitions and galleries that present daily life in this open air museum, offering interactive fun for children.
  • Don't miss out on the events that are held here regularly, like festivals of dance and music, with traditional crafts and much more.

This museum is a family favourite spot and has been Wales’s most popular heritage attraction for many years. So it's not surprise that St Fagans Museum is a leading European open-air museum, offering families a fun day out. Many people in Wales hold this place in high esteem, so come see what all the fuss is about. St Fagans is, undeniably, a people’s museum, where the amazing staff here explore history together with visitors through the everyday lives of people.

The museum gracefully stands within the grounds of the splendid St Fagans Castle and gardens, a manor house dating back to the 1500s, that was given by Earl of Plymouth in 1948 to the people of Wales. Since 1948, there have been dozens of original buildings constructed from varying historical periods that have been re-erected here, including a Workman's Institute, a farm and a school. Each building, some dating back to the 16th century, is frozen in time, allowing you to immerse yourself into Welsh history, opening a door into a fascinating insight into the past. Your little ones will love exploring the houses, St Teilo’s Church, mills, a farm, plus a post office, tannery, tollhouse, and more.

At St Fagans, you are invited to discover the story of Wales, to interact and shape it, share it with others and enjoy the magic that this national history museum offers. There are so many different ways the kids can do this, too, as one of the top open air museums, there is lots to do as you explore the historic buildings. The galleries have been made with care, and the help of a number of people, organisations like the art fund and other communities across Wales passionate about popular heritage.

Why not check out a medieval prince's hall, referred to as Llys Llywelyn? Here you take a gander at a Victorian school or maybe the kids can pick up some Welsh food that was around in the 1920s at Gwalia Stores. Get up close and personal with the animals on Llwyn-yr-eos Farm which is always a blast, immersing you into a past world at a farm in Wales. For more historical days out learning about Wales, check out the National Museum Cardiff, displaying everything from from contemporary art to historic dinosaurs, Monet paintings and mammoths.

Enjoy fascinating workshops where your kids can have fun watching and interacting with craftsmen as they perform their day to day activities, immersing you in a past time. This really brings a special vitality to St Fagan's as your children are introduced to the working ways of this historical museum through traditional skills. Plus, the produce here is often on sale, so you'll get a chance to reap the benefits of these traditional activities. The kids love seeing the native breeds of livestock that roam in and around the fields and farmyards, it's a joy seeing the farming tasks, too, offering an insight into Welsh farm life. Immerse yourself into the rich, valuable culture and heritage of Wales as you experience these tasks, hearing the Welsh language, along with interpreters, too. Make sure to check out the costume exhibitions and galleries that present the daily life of these people and tasks, along with a few special exhibitions that are held often.

Don't miss out on St. Fagan's National Museum of History events that run all throughout the year, full of exciting activities, where St Fagan's brings to life some amazing festivals that occur in traditional Wales, where you and your little ones can enjoy music and dance activities which are a blast, plus events that are celebrated, where your kids will have a hoot of a time.

Take some time to relax and enjoy the delightful beech woodland area, so you can reconnect with nature, feel the fresh Welsh air and relax. This parkland area is home to a stunning sanctuary of rare animals, from birds, bats and more, just waiting to be discovered.

For more museum days out near Cardiff, check out Techniquest, a great science and discovery centre, home to two floors of hands-on, crafty, interactive exhibits, a science theatre, planetarium, and a special lab.

What to know before you go

  • St Fagans National History Museum opening times are 10am – 5pm.
  • When you're feeling peckish, there is cafe, tea room and bakery, plus you are welcome to bring a picnic.
  • There are toilets, plus accessible toilets available at the Main Entrance, next to the Rhyd-y-car cottages and in the Castle Yard, along with baby changing facilities near the Main Entrance.
  • The site is old so can be harder to navigate, especially for those using wheelchairs and buggies. Although there are accessible areas, some areas are steeper.
  • Wheelchairs available on a first come first served basis.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead.

Getting there

  • St Fagan's National Museum of History is located four miles away from Cardiff City Centre, and can be accessed via the  A4232.
  • If travelling via public transport, Cardiff train station is near and there are buses available from here. Once in Cardiff city centre, take the 320 bus towards Talbot Green on Westgate street, getting off at Church stop, from there it's around a 6 minute walk.
  • There is a bike rake for those travelling via bike, you must tell St Fagan's when buying your ticket if you are arriving by bike so they can ensure there is space in the rack
  • If travelling via car, from Cardiff city centre, ensure to go via A4161 and St Fagans Road.
  • There is parking on site, but parking tickets must be bought before arriving. Parking is free for Blue Badge holders.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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