Kids at the top of stairs overlooking Skylark Maze.
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United Kingdom
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Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Skylark Maize Maze is home to a giant 12-acre maize maze for you to explore, plus a mini maze for those with little legs and Skylark farm to discover. 
  • With the Funyard tractor rides, pig racing and bouncy castles, plus more you won’t be short of a fun time.
  • Don’t miss out on the seasonal fun throughout the year, including Halloween themed haunted maze, Christmas festivities like Santa's Grotto, and more. 
  • Pop over to the garden centre and café when you’re feeling peckish, offering high-quality fresh products.  

Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard offers a fantastic family day out! From tractor rides, the maze, bouncy castles, a giant sandpit, a petting zoo, thrilling go-karts, and more, you’ll have a blast of a day. 

This huge maze has over 3km of pathways twisting and turning to confuse you. You can navigate your way through the maze, and dredge through to find the clues that are hidden in the maze, then collect the stickers on your game card. If you enjoy your day out at Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard, we think you'll enjoy exploring the maze at Hampton Court Palace!

In the Funyard play area, the little ones can go wild on the fun attractions, like the pedal-go karts, or let the imaginations run wild in the giant castle that has three giant slides. For the thrill-seekers out there, are you ready for 50 feet of zip-zooming fun? Jump off the platform, and you’ll go zooming down the Zip Wire. If you're looking for more adventure why not visit Clip and Climb, also found in nearby Cambridge.

Do you want to see some pigs racing? Get behind the rails, and pick your favourite pig racer, then place your bets and see which one is the fastest pig as they sprint down the course. The Wacky Wildlife trail is perfect for those looking for some relaxing fun, a woodland trail through the landscape to find the stations, where you can read the bio of an animal and draw or write it in your notebook.

Don't miss the giant jumping pillow, offering bouncy fun for all the family, why not see who can jump the highest? Afterwards, take a trip down to The Pesky Pigeons Tractor Trailer Ride which has new surprises and don’t worry if you get a bit wet on this ride, it’s all a part of the fun! 

When you’re feeling a bit hungry, be sure to check out the delightful cafe. It's always a family hit with family-friendly meals and snacks for everyone to enjoy. The BBQ Grill in the Funyard is fantastic in summer, serving ice creams, snacks, and cold drinks. 

For the best Cambridge Half Term activities, check out the array of activities included in the ticket, from the Giant Maize Maze, the children’s maze, King Coop’s Castle, Pesky Pigeon Tractor ride for all ages with Super Soaker fun, Go Karting, Jumping Pillow and Scarecrow Smash. See who’s learnt the most from Bear Grills, and try Den Building to find out. Maize Maze and Funyard also hosts plenty of themed and festive activities throughout the year. At Halloween, where you can have a go at Pumpkin Picking, Pumpkin Carving, or dress up in the Fancy Dress Parade. If you’re there in Easter and Summer, be sure to check out the lamb feeding. For Christmas, you don’t want to miss the Christmas Grotto, where you can meet Christmas elves and Santa, have some sing-a-longs, make reindeer food, build your own bear and do some festive colouring.

Skylark is also home to a Garden Centre & Café which is based near March in Cambridgeshire. Offering retail therapy, this family-run business has high-quality products in a friendly environment, serving up fine foods from local suppliers in the café, too. 

What to know before you go

  • The venue is accessible for visitors with access needs; rainy weather may make wheelchair access restricted.
  • There are on-site toilets and baby changing facilities. 
  • When you’re feeling peckish, you have a range of options to choose from for food. The BBQ Grill Hut has some delicious barbecued hot dogs, burgers, chips and more. For a special treat, why not try out the ice cream. For the colder days, there are hot drinks to warm you up. If you’re looking for a light bite to eat, check out Skylark Café, serving up all-day breakfast, afternoon tea, homemade chilli, gourmet burgers, salads and omelettes. Plus, with a children’s menu, you have everything you need, with classics like fish fingers and hot dogs, plus cakes too. 
  • Don’t worry about getting lost, as there are dedicated “searchers” that patrol the maze to help find those who are lost. But if you’re worried, grab a map just in case.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the Maze and Funyard, except for guide dogs. Dogs are allowed in the garden centre, the café patio, the café garden and the large field near the main site, which is great for dog walks. 

Getting there

  • If travelling by train, Manea and March are the closest Train Stations. From Manea, take the 56 towards Wisbech from Wisbech road, for a 20 minute journey, getting off at Farm, from there it’s approximately a 10 minute walk. From March, take 56 towards Manea, getting off at Farm, and from there it’s around a 10 minute walk. 
  • If driving, Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard is found just off the A141 in between March and Chatteris on the B1093 towards Manea.
  • If travelling by bus, the buses 39 and 56 pass by Skylark Maze and Funyard Venue.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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