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Greater London
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East London
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Shoreditch Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Enjoy the lovely green spaces of Shoreditch Park, located in one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods.
  • Take part in the great range of sports on offer at the park, including a beach volleyball court in the middle of London.
  • Discover some of the public art that can be found in the park and the streets around it.
  • Explore the surrounding area of Shoreditch, with lots of exciting shops and restaurants to discover.

With great sporting activities, exciting public art installations, and plenty of green space to relax in, Shoreditch Park is a lovely place to spend some time in. This 18-acre park in Shoreditch, London has the Green Flag seal of approval given to the best parks in the UK.

Shoreditch Park is a great place for all kinds of sport. The park has football pitches and rugby pitches, where you’ll regularly find local amateur teams playing a game. The football pitches are a great place for a kick about too. 

As well as these popular sports, there’s also the two ping pong tables at Shoreditch Park. Test your table tennis skills with a match at one of these tables. Despite being in the heart of London, Shoreditch Park is also home to its very own beach volleyball court. Local teams play here, and it is a great sport to try out for the first time at Shoreditch Park.

There’s so much for kids to do at this Hackney park. The park is home to an adventure playground, with lots of equipment for kids to jump, leap, and run around on. There’s also a smaller play area that’s brilliant for younger kids and their families. 

Located in the trendy East London neighbourhood of Shoreditch, the park is the site of some interesting public art pieces. The Shoreditch Park boulder is the most prominent piece in the park. Installed in 2008 by artist John Frankland, the boulder stands as an impressive landmark inside Shoreditch Park. 

The area surrounding the park also has lots of exciting things for families to do. The art is not limited to the park’s boundaries; Shoreditch is one of London’s top neighbourhoods for interesting street art. Take a stroll down the main streets of Shoreditch, such as the famous Brick Lane or New North Road, and try to spot some of the brilliant and ever-changing street art that can be found in the area. The art can cover entire walls and buildings and is the work of some of Britain’s most exciting young artists.

There are numerous places to explore in Shoreditch. The area is home to some of the most interesting and innovative cafes, bars, and restaurants in the whole of London. Brick Lane is also a top site for street food, with vendors from all across the globe setting up stalls in the area. After you’ve grabbed some food from one of the many cafes on offer in the neighbourhood, why not return to Shoreditch Park for a fun family picnic?

Shoreditch and the surrounding East End neighbourhoods have tons more great things for families to do. The V&A Museum of Childhood in neighbouring Bethnal Green plots the history of children’s toys and games from over 400 hundred years ago to the modern-day and is a great place for kids to explore, with a touch of nostalgia for the grown-ups. There’s also the nearby Museum of the Home, formerly known as the Geffrye Museum, which has recreated the sorts of houses that middle-class Londoners would have lived in through the ages, from Tudor times to the present.

There are also several city farms in the area, such as Hackney City Farm and Stepney City Farm, which offer a great opportunity for city kids to engage with nature and learn more about some interesting animals. In addition to Shoreditch Park, other green spaces in East London include Victoria Park, the oldest public park in London.

What to know before you go 

  • Shoreditch Park is open 24 hours a day.
  • There are no toilet facilities in the park. The nearest toilets can be found at the nearby Britannia Leisure Centre, which has accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.
  • The park is accessible for wheelchair users and buggies. The paths through the park are tarmacked and smooth.

Getting there

  • Shoreditch Park is a 20-minute drive from Central London.
  • There’s no car park at Shoreditch Park, but there is on-street Shoreditch parking in the surrounding roads. 
  • Shoreditch Park is easily accessible by public transport. The park is a 15-minute walk away from Old Street Station, which is in Zone 1. This station is on the Northern Underground line and also has National Rail services. Hoxton Tube Station is a 10-minute walk away from the park and is on the London Overground line. 
  • There are plenty of bus services with routes near Shoreditch Park. The 21, 76, 141, 271, and 394 all have routes within a couple of minutes’ walk of the park entrance.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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