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Oasis Farm Planting.
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Greater London
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Oasis Farm

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Oasis Farm has selected days open to the public, with the majority of their time dedicated to their therapeutic education programmes for young people. These programmes are linked to a range of academic subjects including Art, Science, Maths and English to help pupils build up skills in these areas and develop other key life skills at the same time.
  • They work in partnership with Jamie’s Farm, a national charity to help children academically, socially and help to increase their resilience and overall wellbeing. The Oasis Farm offers amazing opportunities for anyone to learn more about animals, nature, farming and the environment. All of this, while running a therapeutic service proven to help increase children’s engagement with school life and other people.
  • They are also partnered with Oasis Academy South Bank to help provide educational resources and include students and teachers in their programmes. They grow produce for the school to serve at lunchtimes to promote healthy eating. 
  • Down at the farm, there are three poly-tunnels, many planter beds, three animal sheds, an aquaponics system and composting toilet. They have a range of produce growing and animals you can visit. So much is packed into this working farm that there will always be something to see or do.

Oasis Farm offers a beautiful experience to create farms for city children. Designed by Feilden Fowles, winners of the Young Architect of the Year Award, this farm is visually lovely and highly functional.

Oasis Farm Waterloo took a strip of unused land in Waterloo,  London and created something extraordinary. This community farm is a haven in an urban setting for the community around to enjoy. Their work is helping disadvantaged pupils. The down to earth, highly trained staff also help members of the public on visitors days and people in volunteering roles.

The vision of this wonderful farm is community-focused. They use food and farming to create a space for empowerment and improvement. Inner-city farms are so valuable for communities and individuals living around them, and Oasis Farm is a great example of the good that can come from becoming more in touch with nature and the environment.

Oasis Farm is part of the wider Waterloo Hub, a community project working to help foster a collective sense of responsibility for the environment and other people in the area of Waterloo. They provide educational services, food banks, support people in debt and overall inspire young people to become leaders.

What to know before you go

  • Oasis Farm is a working farm, so when you go for a visit, they will instruct and help you look after the animals you come to visit.
  • Through a trip to Oasis farm, you can learn about different ways to be environmentally friendly and innovative recycling methods such as the composting toilet.
  • Farm animals come in from Jamie’s Farm, Wiltshire. Typically, Oasis Farm has a litter of piglets, a ewe with lambs and rescued battery hens. School children get the opportunity to follow the incubation and hatching of chickens and learn all about them.
  • There are plenty of volunteering roles for individuals and organisations to put some time and energy into a wonderful organisation. The volunteering options are open for teenagers and adults. Volunteers can help out there around their working day by helping the farm open and close. You can also volunteer to help out with other, general tasks. They will take on people with a range of DIY skills. You don’t need to have farm experience to help, just enthusiasm. They have rotas you can check with the available slots and which jobs volunteers are required.
  • Oasis Farm offers a six-week programme called Farming, Family & Therapy. This programme aims to help pupils learn about the care of animals, the environment, themselves and others. The farm can adapt to the needs of different schools and provide longer or shorter programmes to suit the needs of individual schools.
  • They also offer volunteering open days, where you can help out as much as you like without making a formal commitment and organisations can help out as a team.
  • Hub Coffee is located in the Oasis centre, a four-minute walk from the farm, if you want a hot or cold drink, or maybe a snack, this is a great option. They are open Monday to Friday 8 am until 6 pm, Saturdays 9.30 am- 3 pm, and on Sundays, they open from 9.30 am until 11 am. They cater for vegetarians.
  • There are baby changing facilities at the Oasis Centre, a four-minute walk away from the farm. 
  • The farm is wheelchair accessible and buggy-friendly on the visitors days.

How to get here

  • If you are travelling by car, however, they don’t have a car park because they want to encourage active travel to the farm. You can walk or cycle to the farm, and they have plenty of bike racks for you to leave your bike safely.
  • The nearest Train Station is Lambeth Road which is a two-minute walk away and Waterloo, which is a 10-minute walk away. 
  • If you are travelling by bus: the 148, 168, 211, 363, 453, 76 and 77 buses all go past Oasis Farm.
  • If you are travelling by tube: Lambeth Tube Stop is four minutes from Oasis Farm. Waterloo Tube Stop is an eight-minute walk from Oasis Park. The District, Jubilee and Northern lines pass through these stations.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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