The entrance of Northumberland Country Zoo.
North East England
United Kingdom
North East England
United Kingdom

Northumberland Zoo

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Northumberland Country Zoo is close to Morpeth with 17 acres of discovery.
  • Meet animals from all over the world, like butterflies from the back garden, all the way to Australian wallabies.
  • Play with tractors and adventure playground equipment as the parents have a picnic.
  • See a zookeeper talk, or if you want something extra special, get an animal experience.
  • End the day with a coffee in the tearoom as you relax after a brilliant day out.

Northumberland Zoo, also known as Northumberland Country Zoo, is a zoo in Morpeth, Northumberland. It's one of the top UK zoos to visit and has so much to see and do, from the amazing animals to the farm and play area. If you're looking for things to do in Morpeth, or want to discover some farms near Newcastle, Northumberland Zoo is a great combination for a brilliant day out. If you like Vindolanda or The Alnwick Garden, you'll like Northumberland Zoo.

Northumberland Zoo is a 17-acre not-for-profit animal collection in the heart of Northumberland. With over 50 species of animal to discover, the zoos aim is to become a leader in animal conservation and become one of the top Northumberland attractions. They received their zoo licence in 2015 and have improved every year, so you're bound to get a brilliant experience every time you come and visit the animal park. The zoo accommodates school visits to pass their conservation message to the next generation, as well as give children respect for animals. You'll be able to see mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, invertebrates, native British animal species, and farm animals at Northumberland Country Zoo. See if you can find your favourite on your day out.

The zoo is laid out in a circular route which allows you to see all of the animals up close. From the entrance, guests will go through the Hot House and Critter Land with creepy crawlies, lizards, fish and more. You can then walk past meerkats and porcupines as you get to the Birds of Prey Home, with hawks, owls and more. You'll pass kangaroos, pigs, foxes, and peacocks, before going right around to some of the farm animals that are kept at Northumberland Zoo. You'll then be able to discover Lemur Woods and Wallaby Walkabout, seeing llamas, raccoons, donkeys and more.

One of the best things about Northumberland Zoo is the Keeper Feed and Talks, where you can get friendly with the animals up close and personal. Families can meet capybaras, raccoons, otters, lemurs, birds of prey, meerkats and mini beasts throughout the day, with a special mini beast show happening at the weekends. You'll get to see them have their breakfasts or lunches, seeing them at their most playful. Even when the talks have been postponed for the day, keepers still walk around the animal park to answer any questions from visitors. To get even closer to the animals, this Northumberland animal park offers a variety of animal experiences to purchase, which can be an amazing birthday or Christmas present, or even just a particularly special day out. Experience friendly capybaras, donkeys, hawks, lemurs, lynxes, meerkats, owls and raccoons. You'll get to feed the animals in their enclosure and learn everything the keepers know about the fascinating animals. You'll also get a stuffed toy of the animal you met, a certificate, a free drink in the tearoom, and admission to the zoo as a whole. If you can't pick a favourite animal to meet, there's also the option to be a zookeeper for the day. You'll have four hours to get friendly with the zookeeper team, as you go behind the scenes preparing food and discovering how the animals at the park are looked after. You'll also get a certificate, complimentary drink, and entrance to the park.

If you've had a great day of animals but are looking for something else to play with, the Northumberland Zoo play area has plenty to explore. Pretend you're working on the farm with one of the tractors available, whether you'd prefer a motorised experience or just pedalling around. There's also the tractor museum to help children learn how a farm works and what the tractors are used for. There's also the brilliant wooden adventure playground, with places to swing, run and climb. If you're feeling peckish, there are two outdoor picnic spots to let you breathe in the country air, or you can visit the tearoom with a variety of hot and cold foods and drinks, like pulled pork sandwiches and pizza baguettes. You could also go along to the huge gift shop, with personalised souvenirs, soft toys, and pocket money gifts.

What to know before you go

  • The Northumberland Country Zoo opening times are 9.30am to 5pm from March to late October. The closing time moves to 4pm in late October until the end of February.
  • Guide dogs are allowed in the zoo, but some areas are off-limits even to guide dogs.
  • There is some loose stone between the car park and zoo entrance which buggies and wheelchairs might struggle with.
  • The River Walk is not currently wheelchair accessible. Some parts of the park have tar planings which can cause issues for some wheelchairs.
  • Toilets, with disabled access and baby changing facilities, are located near the tea room.
  • Hand washing stations are around the park, particularly in places where guests can touch the animals.
  • Baby food warming facilities are available.

Getting there

  • By car, Northumberland Country Zoo is one mile off the A1; five miles north of Morpeth and 12 miles south of Alnwick.
  • Parking at the Northumberland Zoo is free.
  • The nearest stations are in Alnmouth and Morpeth. Alnmouth is a 19-minute drive away, or you can use the X20 or X18 and X15 buses. Morpeth is a 17-minute drive away, or you can use the X15.
  • By bus, take the X15, from Morpeth to Alnwick. The bus stops on the A1, so it's a 15-minute walk to get to the entrance.
  • The entrance of the animal park is signposted with a big yellow Beef Jerky Wagon, which is parked outside when the zoo is open

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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