A person walking along the displays inside the Merseyside Maritime Museum.
North West England
United Kingdom
North West England
United Kingdom

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit Merseyside Maritime Museum to learn about Liverpool docks and its importance in nautical history for Britain, its role in WWII and the story of the Titanic through interactive exhibitions, activities and more.
  • Check out the children's trails and games that can be played to really get the immersive, kinaesthetic learning going, creating a memorable day out.
  • Don't miss out on the other great Liverpool attractions located nearby, from great eateries on the docks, to the other Liverpool museums and galleries, just a stone's throw away.

Take the kids to the Liverpool Merseyside Maritime Museum where you can be submerged into the history of Liverpool docks and sea journeys. Conveniently situated in the Albert Dock area on the Liverpool waterfront, you're in a prime spot to explore other museum of Liverpool sites, such as the International Slavery Museum and the Tate Liverpool. There are plenty of hidden gems to be found here, too, to learn about the advancement of this world renowned port, home to artworks, objects, ship models, ship remains and more. Liverpool was a pivotal city in nautical history, and this museum brings the stories of this place to life.

Albert Dock is a cultural centre and has lots on offer, along with the fascinating facts you'll discover when learning about Liverpool's maritime history. Liverpool, back in the day, was known as the 'gateway' to the world because it had some of the biggest ports in Europe, and most definitely the bustling port centre of Britain, helping to construct Britain's legacy in trade. What's great about the Merseyside Maritime Museum exhibitions and displays is that many are interactive, creating for an immersive experience that engages the children even more than normally, and these are some of the most sought after displays that people from all over come to see. You will get the fascinating story of the Titanic after it left Liverpool, along with rare material in the collection showing footage and photographs of the very people on the docks.

Don't miss out on the Cargo-a-go-go game which is blast, this is a learning freight handling game for kids to test their hand-eye coordination skills, as they attempt to balance boxes, like produce at the docks, on the ship. Plus, there are exciting trails for your little ones to start, where they can meander through the museum to get to different activities for them to try. This gamification of museum exhibits and displays really engages children and encourages them to come back, while learning kinaesthetically. where boxes are balanced on a ship. When you're done exploring the Merseyside Maritime Museum and its trails, finish off in the the Sea Urchins play area where your little ones can let off some steam! To find out more about which trails are featured at the time of your visit, just pop by the reception desk. Along with all this fun you can have in the museum, there is a thrilling tour of Albert Dock, at the Old Dock, where you and your kids can experience the underground world of trading at the dock and its commercial hub.

There are a number of great highlights that feature at Merseyside Maritime Museum including the Life at Sea DisplayHighlights include the Life at Sea display, which narrates the lifes of the merchant navy at the docks, plus Liverpool's role during the Battle of the Atlantic during WWII.

Experience the wide range of Merseyside Maritime Museum archives, where you can get up close and personal with art that paints the picture of Liverpool and its bustling port over the years, from photos and artworks of the mulitidue of different ships that have docked here. There's an ever-changing schedule of displays, too, so you'll be sure to experience something new and fresh when you visit.  More family fun that can be had includes zine making, drawing and more great family activities, so keep and eye on the schedule of events so you don't miss out.

During the summer months, why not experience the Edmund Gardner pilot ship? This is the largest in the Merseyside Museum collection, telling the story of Edmund Gardner, who is recognised as an important figure in Liverpool and nautical history. In the basement of the Maritime Museum, check out the exhibition on contemporary culture, politics and history, called Seized, where you can learn about the UK border force and uncover their secrets in the basement. For more, keep an eye out on the events regularly held like the Dazzle Ship event to discover more.

As well as the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum, you'll also find the Museum of Liverpool next to the Royal Albert Dock. As you wander around the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool you'll see some of the most fascinating museums in the United Kingdom, including The Beatles Story, with real artefacts from the infamous band, as well as lots of great places open for food and drink. For more Liverpool museum fun, check out the Walker Art Gallery and World Museum, home to one of the largest collections of art in the UK, offering tours, exhibitions and more for a great family day out.

What to know before you go

  • Merseyside Maritime Museum opening times are 10am to 5pm from Wednesday to Sunday
  • When you're feeling peckish, there is a cafe onsite serving great food, snacks and refreshments. Plus, in the heart of Liverpool, you're near a great number of eateries, especially by the docks, plus you're just a short distance away from Liverpool's centre, offering a great range of family friendly eateries.
  • There are toilets, accessible toilets on all floors (accessible by lifts), and baby changing facilities.
  • The site is mostly accessible, with some exceptions, such as no lift to the basement floor, which can only be accessed via stairs.
  • There is a buggy park and cloakroom available, although check if its open as sometimes it is not.

Getting there

  • If travelling via public transport, Liverpool James street train station is the closest to the Merseyside Maritime Museum, just under a 10 minute walk away. Plus, the stations Moorfields, Liverpool Central, Liverpool Lime Street, are close by.
  • If travelling via car, go via North John Street, from Liverpool centre.
  • There is a car park at the Merseyside Maritime Museum Liverpool, plus three spaces for blue badge holders. Alternatively, look here for NCP parking nearby.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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