Aerial view of Groombridge Place house.
United Kingdom
South East England
United Kingdom
South East England

Groombridge Forest

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Discover a world of mystic wonder, nestled amongst the trees at Groombridge Enchanted Forest.
  • From water pools, rope swings, wooden bridges and a maze to spotting deer, there’s so much to do here. 
  • Be sure to check out the large wooden ship, which has two tree houses and central viewing tower. Look out over this magical forest kingdom and imagine you rule over this beautiful countryside.
  • There are award-winning gardens that are home to ethereal peacocks that roam around, of course, home to half-zebra, half-donkey, Zedonk. 
  • In the summer months, you can visit the vast conservation centre for birds of prey in Southeast England, and have fun watching them fly high above in daily displays.

If you’re looking for things to do in Kent, then Groombridge Forest is a must-see. Groombridge Place is an English country house, originally a 17th century moated manor house, with over 200 acres of parkland, 18th century farm buildings, sculpted gardens and foliage and loads more that visitors can experience. With a restaurant, some wildlife roaming around (including Zedonk), and adventure galore, you’ll be entertained for days to come, making it the perfect family day out.

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, also known for his redesign of London (especially St Paul’s Cathedral), this stunning manor house, and its surrounding bridges and moat gates were all designed by Sir Wren, following the Great Fire in 1666. The house is still inhabited and is a private residence, as a family home today. A short distance away is Groombridge Enchanted Forest!

Make sure to visit the tranquil Groombridge Place garden spaces, which haven’t been changed since they were created, with today’s gardeners only updating and sustaining the distinctive, pretty, planting schemes that make each area. There are six unique areas for you to enjoy, each formally laid out, varying each new season and just bursting with vibrant colour, style and horticultural features.

Don’t miss out on Crusoe’s World, where you can take to the decks, ropes and lookout posts of this thrilling playground. Inspired by the TV series Crusoe, there are some original props from the show that have been transported and reconstructed at Groombridge Place, making it an authentic experience. There are two tree houses which are linked together via rope bridges and a viewing tower in the centre. 

You can explore the different levels of platform and soak up the views of the canal, Kent and East Sussex countryside at the top of the tower. Let your imagination run wild and hop aboard Captain Robinson Crusoe’s ship where you can climb up the mast to the crow’s nest, control the ship at the wheel, ring the bell and “sail” the seas! Back on dry land, why not explore Kingsgate Bay, a gorgeous beach nearby?

Make sure to check out the family swings, the maze, giant chess, upper broad walk and the enchanted forest where you can play till your heart's content. Then take a little break in the family tepees, and conjure up a life on the prairies and plains and set yourself a task to make camp in the tepees.

When you’re ready for a break, enjoy a short trip on the canal boat where you can meander down the River Grom, flowing through the grounds of Groombridge Place. Taking you from the gardens to Crusoe’s World and the Enchanted Forest, immerse yourself in the history and surroundings of this magical place.

What to know before you go

  • There is a café serving food, open for snacks, coffee, cake and sandwiches. Plus, there is also a kiosk at Crusoe’s World offering drinks, ice creams and snacks.
  • There is wheelchair access to the Gift Shop and the Peacock Bistro.
  • There are large toilet cubicles in the Peacock Bistro and fully equipped accessible toilets in the main toilet block. There are no accessible facilities within the Forest. Baby Changing Facilities are available.
  • The site is pushchair and wheelchair accessible; there are clear paths around the gardens, although please note, some of this is gravel which can make it harder to navigate. 
  • Some areas of the forest are naturally steep and not accessible by all wheelchair users.
  • Wear wellies if there is going to be lots of prolonged rain as the paths and forest can be more challenging to walk through and access. 

Getting there

  • Groombridge Place is situated in the village of Groombridge, which is four miles south-west of Tunbridge Wells on the B2110, located off the A264 Tunbridge Wells/ East Grinstead road (on the Kent and East Sussex county border).
  • If travelling via the Road (from the M25), then exit at Junction 5 and head south on the A21, then after 10 miles, you should exit at A26 signed Tunbridge Wells and take A264 to East Grinstead and follow the signs to Groombridge village and Groombridge Place.
  • There is on-site parking, near the entrance of Groombridge Place. 
  • If travelling by train, you can access Groombridge Forest from London Charing Cross, via Tunbridge Wells, and from there you can bus or taxi to Groombridge. Alternatively, take the Spa Valley Railway Steam Train which departs from Tunbridge Wells West Station, upon arrival, it’s a 10-minute walk to the other end. (Important to note: The Spa Valley Railway does not run every day).
  • If travelling via bus, ensure you take the 291 which is about a 15 minute bus journey, and there is only one bus per hour typically. Typically, it departs Tunbridge Wells at 51 mins past each hour and departs from Groombridge Place at 19 mins past each hour except at 15:36. Check the timetables before travelling for any changes. 

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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