Two highland cows on the green grass at Greenacres Animal Park.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Greenacres Animal Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit Greenacres Animal Park in Mancot, Deeside, to make some furry friends, play in the soft play barn, and learn about the living habits of lemurs, sheep, llamas, pigs, foxes, horses and more.
  • Check out the events and activities on offer from Santa's Christmas Grotto, to spooky trails, treasure hunts and more.
  • Don't miss out on the funfair rides inspired by Victorian Welsh fairgrounds, along with your usual tractor ride sessions.

Go on a family day out to remember in North Wales, to Greenacres Animal Farm Park, where you and the kids will have the chance to meet some wonderful furry friends. From domesticated to endangered animals, Greenacres farm park cares for many different types of creature that children will love to meet.  

The pets corner is a popular starting point for families, where kids can make friends with some of the cutest animals, from rabbits and chicks, to owls, reptiles, and more. They can learn all about the care involved, what these animals eat and how they live at Greenacres.  Other animals to discover include the two types of lemur that live in the park, dogs, some foxes, hilarious meerkats, sneaky snakes, talkative parrots, exotic llamas, iguanas, alpacas and more.  Don't miss out on the animal sessions where you can meet the wolf hybrid and lemurs up close. In these 20 minute sessions kids will get the chance to feed the animals, take a picture and learn from the animal keepers.

As a great theme park North Wales, there is plenty more to do at Greenacres Animal Rescue. You can have fun on-board the tractor engine tour which is a great way to whisk round the park to learn all about the animals and furry friends that live in the field, such as the pigs, cattle, horses, sheep and more.  Here your little ones will find the soft play barn area, where children can let off some steam in two levels of fun play area while the grown ups sit nearby and relax. Families with younger children can check out the toddler area of the Play Barn, devised especially for those littler legs!

After some imaginative play, why not check out some great theme park rides at Greenacres Animal Park? A family favourite at Greenacres is Zoofar, where your little ones get to drive in a mini Land Rover, taking the steering wheel and whizzing past everyone in the park. Drive through the old mine tunnel and pass the wild boar, whizz down to the badger creek and into the Greenacres fields to discover what animals live nearby.

Immerse yourself in the past with the attractions of the Victorian Fairground, complete all the rides you'd expect. From spinning cars, to a mini ferris wheel, a mini roundabout and more, your little ones will have a blast. Don't miss out on the fun events that Greenacres Animal park holds regularly.  Greenacres Animal Park at Christmas time is filled with family friendly attractions, where children can meet Santa in his Grotto, along with reindeer, his elves and some snowmen. Plus, you can check out the Christmas Market for some animal themed and local gifts! Then, for spookier souls out there, check out the Halloween events at Greenacres Animal Park where there are many hidden ghouls dotted around the park for you to discover. You'll get unlimited fairground rides, along with spooky themed rides to see the animals. Don't miss out on the ghostly treasure hunt and capture the sweetest of prizes. Your kids will love getting involved in crafts, too, where they can get creative and decorate their own cookie. Don't miss out on the birthday parties that Greenacres Animal Park hosts, too, offering all these great activities and more for your special day.

And, for a completely immersive experience, why not spend the night at the park? Camp at Greenacres Animal Park for a weekend to remember. With great facilities and events to enjoy, as well as the convenient location, what's not to love? Families are sure to have a blast of time, immersed fully in the Greenacres Animal Park experience. There are loads more things to do locally, too. Why not visit the Deeside Leisure Centre, which is very close to the park and offers sports facilities, along with ice-skating, too. Plus, for shopaholics, there is the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village, only 20 minutes away. For nature lovers, you have Loggerheads Country Outdoor Park, a short walk away. And finally, for foodies, check out the White Bear Pub, within walking distance from Greenacres, plus serving delicious meals and activities.

For more fun in Deeside, check out Wepre park, with 160 acres of stunning Welsh parkland to explore in Connah's Quay, there's castle ruins, great walking routes, a cafe and so much more to discover.

What to know before you go

  • For food, check out the Rainforest Cafe serving meals, snacks, drinks and ice-cream. Plus, there are plenty of picnic tables to enjoy your own snacks and food.
  • There are toilets, accessible toilets, plus a mother and baby room that is situated near the children’s play area where you can feed and change young children.
  • The animal petting area and Tractor Tour ride are both wheelchair accessible.
  • Remember to take some cash as some of the attractions don't accept card payments.

Getting there

  • Greenacres Animal Park is located at Cottage Lane in Mancot, Deeside.
  • The nearest train stations to Greenacres Animal Park are Hawarden and Shotton, just a short taxi ride away.
  • Greenacres Animal Park is easy to get to if you're travelling by car. Take the A494 for Queensferry then the A550 if coming from the north, or the A55 then A5104 to Hawarden, then the A550 where the park is well signposted.
  • There is parking available for free at Greenacres, and there are two car parks available on Colliery Lane too.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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