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United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • For a day of laughter, fun and excitement, go to Dreamland in Margate with the family for great rides, food and experience. 
  • Head to the drive-in cinema for a great selection of movies.  
  • With many rides for the whole group to enjoy, you won't be short of a fantastic day, from merry-go-rounds to the amazing Teddy and Betty Land. 
  • Dreamland is the perfect, 'all-you-can-treat' seaside experience; this sensational place is your one-stop-shop of culture, food, festival fun and must-try rides. 
  • Kick on some roller skates or get personal with art exhibits, all with your classic seaside food favourites. 

Described as Margate's heartbeat, Dreamland is one of the UK's best-loved amusement parks and has been for a century. Today it is known for being a fantastic venue home to live music, art exhibits and Margate beach. It's one of Kent's top attractions, along with Hever Castle and Kingsgate Bay. Following a revamp in 2017, the amusement park was re-landscaped. Today it combines restored vintage theme park rides, art installations, thrilling new rides, unique bars, adventurous and delicious street food, with an electrifying and eclectic program of live events. Featuring favourites including Brooklands Speedway, the Gallopers, the Wedgwood Tea Cups, and The Waltzer, alongside new adrenaline-pumping rides such as Dreamland Drop, Dreamcatcher and Pendulum, this is perfect for any thrill seeker.  

Dreamland is considered to be the oldest-surviving amusement park in Great Britain! The site (re-named Dreamland in 1920) dates back to the British railway boom of the early 1870's. Originally, the 'Hall by the Sea', was operated by the famous circus extravagant, 'Lord' George Sanger. The venue was later snapped up by John Henry Iles, who transformed it into a garden and amusement park with the notable Scenic Railway as its focus. The seaside park has hosted a zoo, miniature railway, WWII troops, big bands like the Who and the Rolling Stones and so much more. Every time you go, there'll be something new for the family to explore. 

The little ones will love The Octopus' Garden, which has a potting shed for arts and crafts, a circus tent, a grassy hill to roll down, beach huts. The Octopus's House is filled with climbing frames, sandpits, cargo nets and much more, so it's a fantastic choice for a birthday party, too. 

Don't miss out on the year-round entertainment, from spooky Halloween scares and magical Christmas moments, to summer holiday family fun. The explosion of colour across the site, with vibrant umbrellas, beautiful bunting and colourful rides in vivid shades, it's a magical experience. The calendar of events is truly fantastic, from movie screenings to delicious street food and rides.  

Children and animal lovers alike will love the Dreamland Ark where you can climb aboard to meet rabbits, reptiles and much more. Then you can hop over to one of the many interactive art installations, such as the colourful and vibrant Solaris, or Mural by the Sea. After, play some games in the Arcade. Then step into a spinning dream in the roller disco room, where you can go roller-skating with your family, friends and skate until your heart's content to the groovy selection of music.  

Busy during the day? Dreamland offers a wonderful selection of specially curated movies for the drive-in cinema on its giant HD outdoor screen. They have daytime and evening showings, for any family occasion. Guests can bring along food and drink to enjoy in their cars, plus a limited selection of food and drink can be purchased in the evening.

What to know before you go

  • There are toilets and accessible toilets on site, and there are baby changing areas available in the bathrooms and welfare areas in the park.  
  • Dreamland Margate, Kent, is now free to enter and you pay to ride. Each ride has an individual cost. Please see the website for details. 
  • They only accept ride wristbands and pay-as-you-go cards as payment for the rides. The ride wristbands allow you to ride unlimited depending on your height. You can choose from: Under 1.25 m, Over 1.25 m, the two-day wristband and AAA (Octopus's Garden, Roller Disco, Amusement Park). 
  • You must be 14 and over to enter our park alone, and children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+. 
  • There is lots of fantastic and tasty food on site, so be prepared to drool! From pizza, burgers, candy floss, street food vans and rooftop bars are not to be missed.  
  • Unfortunately, there is no storage for buggies on site, and they don't provide wheelchairs.  
  • The Hall by the Sea and Ballroom venues are both fully accessible for wheelchair users. There is an accessible platform that is available in Hall By The Sea for up to 6 wheelchair users and their carers and personal assistants (12 tickets, sold as six pairs). These tickets for the accessible platform should be booked in advance through Dreamland's website. These tickets provide entry to the unreserved ambulant standing area. Dreamland offers a complimentary personal assistant ticket alongside all disabled ticket bookings. 
  • Top tip: groups of 10 people or more qualify for a 25% discount when booked together.
  • Check Dreamland's website to check when the site is open, The Roller Room, The Octopus's Garden and Tail Spin Diner are available year-round (subject to availability). But the amusement park closes for maintenance during the winter.  

Getting there

  • There is parking nearby at Arlington Car Park, just around the corner from Dreamland, on All Saints Avenue, CT9 5QH. 
  • With excellent road links with the M20 and M2 motorways close-by, easy links from London are available. 
  • There is train service from St Pancras into Margate, taking around 90 minutes.  
  • There are also regular trains between London Victoria and Margate. Margate station is approximately a 5-minute walk to Dreamland's main entrance. 
  • Via bus, The 8, 32, 33, 34, 36, 56 and Loop are the main bus routes that Stagecoach run through the towns, stopping in various places near the park. 

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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