People walking down the trail path at Dinosaur Adventure World.
East England
United Kingdom
East England
United Kingdom

Dinosaur Adventure Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Brave the Predator! High Ropes and escape from dinosaurs between the trees.
  • Uncover dinosaur bones at the X-Tinction Fossil Dig area.
  • Slide away from the scary Pterodactyl at the Pterodactyl's Treehouse.
  • Meet adorable animals at the Secret Animal Garden.

No matter what age your kids are, a trip to the Dinosaur Adventure Park is a must for your diary. Set within 85 acres of parkland, you'll be transported back to a prehistoric time as you explore this huge and fascinating theme park. With life-sized dinosaur sculptures, indoor play zones and even an area to dig your own dinosaur bones up, mini archaeologists and grown-ups alike are sure to have a day to remember at this unique Dinosaur Park.

If you've been looking for some unforgettable days out with the kids, you will instantly be impressed the moment you enter the Dinosaur Adventure Park. Once you pass through 'Base Camp' where you can gather any supplies (and snacks) you might need, the park is ready to be explored. There is something for everyone in the family, from Dippy’s Splash Zone to the Predator! High Ropes and Lost World maze. While the kids are likely to be tempted to the adventure play area right away, in the centre of the park, make sure to wander around too as you never know what might be lurking...

If you walk clockwise around the park from the entrance, you'll first find Dippy's Indoor Picnic area, as well as a place for face painting, an essential port of call for kids who want to camouflage on their dangerous dinosaur-spotting expedition. As you continue on you'll come to the first of many attractions, such as the Raptor Racers, where the whole family can race on dino-themed pedal karts. Jurassic Putt crazy golf course is just next door too, where kids can try their hand at an eight-hole mini-golf course. Keep an eye out as you walk around the park, as you'll next see Pterodactyl's Treehouse, with a huge climbing frame and slides for kids to explore, under the careful watch of a mummy Pterodactyl who perches on the roof. Soon, you'll enter Neanderthal Walk, a nature trail with a twist! See how many prehistoric creatures (and people) you can spot, from woolly mammoths to sabre-toothed cats.

Thrill-seekers can test their courage by braving East Anglia's largest rope course, at the Predator! High Ropes. Help the whole family escape from the T-Rex by swinging and climbing through the trees on the world's first-ever parallel sky rails. Or, if you'd rather stay firmly on the ground, never fear, as there is much more to explore just around the corner. In the north-west part of this adventure park, wander past the Waterside Gardens to the indoor Animal Barn and Secret Animal Garden, where you can meet lots of cuddly creatures away from the clutches of the dinosaurs. The Animal Experience Barn is the place to go to hold and pet guinea pigs, pigs, snakes and tortoises. Plus, you might even spot a wallaby, an iguana or a bearded dragon!

If you head back to the Adventure Play Area in the central area of the park, you'll find the entrance to the treacherous Dinosaur Trail. If you dare to enter, you'll soon get to experience life-size dinosaur statues that patrol the landscape. Close by; the X-Tinction Fossil Dig is also a top place to stop off, where the kids can use special brushes to unearth and identify mysterious dinosaur bones in the sandpits. For a small extra fee, venture to the Deer Park where you can go on a wonderful Deer Safari, and spot some furry friends in the wild.

For more to explore before you get to the exit, head off to the Lost World A-Mazing Adventure, a maze experience that involves hiding dinosaurs and a rickety rope bridge. When you find your way back to the path, look out for the Tiny Terrosaurs under-7's area, where little children can play and explore. The last area of the park, close to the exit, is home to friendly dinosaur Dippy. Here you can find indoor adventure play areas, as well as Dippy Live, an outdoor interactive performance area where kids can meet Dippy himself. On hot days make sure you don't miss Dippy’s Splash Zone too, the perfect place to cool down in the summer.

For something to eat on your expedition, there are multiple places to stop off for food around the theme park. From the Dinomite Indoor Play Area and Cafe to Dippy's Snack Shack, there are lots of options for everyone in the family. You can also head to Nautilius and Nice for some tasty fish and chips, or if you'd prefer to bring your own food, enjoy a picnic at Dippy's Picnic Area.

If you had a great time at the Dinosaur Adventure Park, Norfolk is also home to many more days out and fantastic family attractions. If you're looking for more great things to do in Norfolk, head to the magical BeWILDerwood kids woodland theme park in Hoveton, Norwich. Or, for a cultural trip back in time, St George's Guildhall in King's Lynn is the perfect place to check out one of the UK's oldest theatres.

What to know before you go

  • Dinosaur Adventure Park opening times are from 10am-4pm daily.
  • The Dinosaur Adventure Park is accessible for buggies and wheelchairs, though some areas may be uneven. The Dinosaur Trail is the best place to access the lower area of the park. Buggies, ear defenders and mobility scooters are available to borrow. There is also a Quiet Room with sensory equipment available on site.
  • Baby food warming facilities are available at The Explorers Restaurant and Dinomite Café.
  • Make sure to check the Dinosaur Adventure Park website for the different Animal Experience times at the Secret Animal Garden. Please note that the Lost World A-Mazing Adventure takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

Getting there

  • Getting to the Dinosaur Park in Lenwade is easy if travelling by car, via the A47 and A1067. The park is just a 25-minute drive from Norwich, and 50 minutes from Great Yarmouth.
  • If travelling from Norwich, there are free shuttle buses from Norwich City Centre. There are also discounted taxis available from ABC Taxis in Norwich.
  • The nearest train station is Norwich Train Station.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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