An overhead shot of the expansive lake at Bosworth Water Park.
The East Midlands
United Kingdom
The East Midlands
United Kingdom

Bosworth Water Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Bosworth Water Park is a 50-acre leisure park set in the glorious countryside surrounding Nuneaton.
  • Whether you want to spend a few hours or set up camp for a short break, Bosworth Nuneaton has everything you could need to keep kids and adults entertained.
  • The huge range of activities available for families include sailing lessons, kayaking, pedalo boats, crazy golf, fishing, an adventure playground and even a delightful beach to while away the hours.
  • Bring your own gear, try out a new rental or embark on one of the wonderful sailing courses; this Nuneaton park in Market Bosworth has you covered.
  • With prices per car for your whole day's stay, Bosworth leisure centre is one of best value for money experiences for families in Leicestershire.

On the search for family things to do in Nuneaton? Look no further than Bosworth Water park! Set across 50 glorious acres in the Warwickshire and Leicestershire countryside, this Bosworth Water Trust-run site is a haven for children and adults alike.

Market Bosworth's much-loved leisure park features a whole range of water, play and relaxation activities for families to make the most of across its huge lake and expansive countryside grounds. Pay for entry per vehicle and stay to your heart's content, even pitching up for a short camping break if you like. Bosworth Water Park has a ton of camping opportunities available and their own charming log cabins for you to rent on-site, or you can explore the grounds for one dreamy, jam-packed day.

Set around a vast glistening lake, Bosworth Water Park offers a huge range of sailing and kayaking lessons or more relaxed canoe, rowboat and pedalo rentals for your family to choose from on the day. Run by the Bosworth Water Trust, this unique leisure centre encourages visitors to bring their own water sports gear and fishing equipment to take out onto the marina, with extra supplies available for you to borrow on-site. This exhilarating family destination also features a pirate-themed adventure playground, a nautical 12-hole crazy golf course, and a gorgeous inland beach- the Blue Lagoon - giving kids the chance to paddle and swim whilst parents kick back on the sand.

Complete your perfect and wallet-friendly family experience with a relaxing meal at Bosworth's Waters Edge Cafe & Bar, which serves a great range of delicious meals throughout the day in their stunning lakeside location. Whether you're camping or just enjoying a one-off visit, you are also welcome to bring a picnic or BBQ to enjoy on the park's 50-acres of gorgeous scenery. Bosworth Water Trust aims to provide a wonderful family destination all year round, from picturesque walking trails with the dogs in Spring and Autumn (yes, they're welcome too!) and sandcastle building in Summer, to their mesmerising Winter Wonderland transformation come Christmas.

Bosworth Water Park really does have something to offer all kids and adults no matter where their interests lie, from adrenaline-filled water activities to lakeside relaxation. If you are staying for a short getaway with the family on site, then be sure to check out the other great venues in Leicestershire whilst you're there such as the epic Twycross Zoo and the famous New Walk Museum - Leicester's vibrant art gallery and museum.

What to know before you go

  • Bosworth Water Park is open from 9am to 5pm daily.
  • To enter the leisure park, you can pay per vehicle in the car park which grants you access to the expansive grounds, fishing lake, paddling waters, adventure playground, picnic areas and Bosworth beach.
  • If you arrive on foot or there are more than five people in your vehicle then you pay an extra £2 per person for the day.
  • Children under five enter for free and those under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Bosworth Water Park fishing in the main lake is free for your vehicle and a small extra fee per person after this.
  • Bosworth Park invites you to use their facilities for your own water sports without the need for a membership, as long as you have third party insurance and bring your own equipment. Extra charges apply for this per day.
  • Market Bosworth Water Park also offers sailing and kayaking lessons with professional instructors, paid for per hour or with the option to progress to full courses.
  • Bosworth camping opportunities are also available for families in the log cabins on-site or by booking a pitch to bring your own caravans, motor homes or tent equipment to.
  • There are a range of pedalo, rowing and canoe boats available to hire on-site.
  • Please note that swimming is not permitted in the Bosworth marina, only at the Blue Lagoon beach.
  • There is an adventure playground and crazy golf area within the Bosworth Water Trust centre.
  • For eating and drinking on site, the Waters Edge Café & Bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with lovely views of the main lake and great children's menus.
  • Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own picnic or set up a BBQ in the camping areas.
  • There is also a visitor's shop in reception which supplies snacks, ice creams, cold drinks, toys, wetsuits, kites, fishing kits, balls, buckets and spades.
  • Dogs are welcome at Bosworth Water Park.
  • The leisure park grounds are accessible for wheelchair users and buggies.

Getting there

  • Bosworth Water Park Leicestershire is located in Market Bosworth, between Nuneaton and Leicester.
  • There is a large car park on site which supplies your gateway ticket to the centre.
  • We recommend driving to the venue if possible, and Bosworth Water Park is situated just off of Wellsborough Road not far from the A444.
  • If you are travelling by public transport, then train stations can be found at Hinkley and Nuneaton, each a 25-minute drive or taxi ride to Bosworth Water Park.
  • There are some coach and bus stops along Wellsborough Road and Station Road which service the 152 and 153 routes.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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