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Isle of Wight
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Isle of Wight
South East England
United Kingdom

Amazon World Zoo Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Amazon World Zoo Park is one of the top attractions in the Isle of Wight, with its rescue animals and one-on-one experiences.
  • Walk around the rainforest as you meet each of the incredible species that live at the zoo.
  • Meet the animals up close at a keeper talk, watch them eat lunch, and ask your burning questions.
  • Enjoy a bite to eat, or have a play at one of the best Isle of Wight playgrounds.

Amazon World Zoo Park is one of the top Isle of Wight attractions, focusing on animal conservation. This Isle of Wight top attraction animal park is unique; offering the opportunity there to come face to face with some of the rare, endangered species of South America, as well as some other animals from throughout the world. It's the largest collection of exotic animals in the Isle of Wight. The collection includes several rescue animals, either from private traders, other zoos, airport seizings, or where they were caught elsewhere and can't be returned to the wild. If your family loves animals, and zoos like ZSL London Zoo, you'll love Amazon World Zoo Park.

Amazon World Zoo Park is a centre for education and conservation, that began in 1990 with a private bird collection kept by Derek Curtis. The aim is to educate guests about the destruction happening to the tropical rainforest while introducing them to just some of the 10% of the world's known species that live inside. There are several breeding programmes the zoo takes part in, such as the endangered Bali Starling, as well as a successful programme breeding the two-toed sloth. They even have bough sections of the Amazon through the World Land Trust to ensure it can be protected. There are over 30 species of mammals, over 25 species of reptile, over 30 species of bird, five species of insect and two species of fish; that's a lot of animals to see at this Amazon zoo!

The wild zoo leads you through different sections of the rainforest so you can understand the Amazon world. The park is designed so you can go around in a handy loop, allowing you to see all of the animals at your own speed. You'll start with the crocodiles, passing toucans, capybaras, meerkats, giant anteaters, flamingos and more, before ending with the wallabies. Not only will you learn about the animals' natural habitats, but also about what is happening to the rainforest, so it's a great way of sneaking in a Geography lesson. You will also be able to see in each of the enclosures how the animals are being enriched to emulate how they would be acting in the Amazon. Monkeys typically like new bright colours, the coati like fruits, and the ocelots like climbing and playing like house cats. To learn even more about the animals at the zoo, you can go along to one of the incredible Meet the Animals talk at Amazon World Zoo Park. You'll hear lots of information about the animal they're showing, as each animal has a name and a distinct personality. You can also hear about the species, and you'll be able to ask all the questions you have about that animal. You can meet several different animals, including meerkats, tapirs, ocelots, sloths and more. There are also Falconry Displays available.

If you'd like to see them even closer, Amazon World Zoo Park put on events to meet the animals properly. Have a one-to-one with a tapir, as you get to groom them and learn about their favourite foods. Discover the meerkats as they scurry around trying to find mealworms. You can also meet the armadillos at the zoo, where you might even get to hold them as you feel their shells.

If you're looking for more fun at the zoo, there are also shops, places to eat and drink, and a play area. The Adventurers Café has soft drinks and tasty bites. The Jurassic Adventure Playground is one of the biggest of its kind on the Isle of Wight. There's a dedicated section for under-5's, so any of the younger visitors to Amazon World can still have a great time playing too. Enjoy ball pits, climbing walls, a giant slide and more. For a souvenir for the end of the day, explore the gift shop with pieces for any occasion, whether you're looking for a birthday present or would like a key ring to remember the day.

This Isle of Wight Zoo is set in a prime location; close to The Fighting Cocks serving tasty pub food along with the Pointer Inn. The Bus Stop Café is great for lunch, whereas Tansy's Pantry is great for a sit-down meal thanks to its delicious fusion flavours. If you want a pretty view, Blueberry's Café and The Salix Beach Café both have pretty ocean views. If you need to stay nearby, Premier Inn Isle of Wight Sandown is fairly close by and has comfy rooms. The Ocean View Hotel and The Waterfront Inn are also close to the beach, so you can swim before a day at the zoo. To be near more animals, stay at Middle Barn Farm; with luscious green fields, you'll feel like you're in the countryside.

Looking for more things to do in the Isle of Wight? Enjoy a sunny day at Sandown Beach, only 11 minutes away from Amazon World Zoo Park, or for more unique attractions you might like Godshill Model Village.

What to know before you go

  • The Amazon World Zoo Park is open at 10am all year round. It closes at 4.30pm during summer. From November to March, call up to check how long the park will be open.
  • All areas are accessible by wheelchair.
  • Guide dogs are allowed inside the zoo.
  • Accessible toilets can be found on site.
  • Baby changing facilities are also on site in the toilets.
  • Buggies can be used throughout the zoo.
  • The Monkey Madness soft play is a separate cost to the price of the zoo.

Getting there

  • Amazon World Zoo Park is located at the Isle of Wight.
  • By car, it's situated on the A3056 opposite the 'Fighting Cocks crossroads' between Newport and Sandown. You'll need the postcode PO36 0LX to get to the car park.
  • By bus, Number 8 goes year-round. During certain times of the year, you can also get the Island Breezer Downs Tour bus which passes by the entrance

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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