15 Best Toys For 6-Month-Old Babies


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There is nothing more amazing than watching your six-month-old become more aware of the world around them.

At 6 months old, babies can grasp things in their tiny hands and have an endless fascination with sounds and often, as a result, want to bang things together until the cows come home. Whether or not you're thrilled about your child's new, noisy skills, there's a toy for 6-month-old babies out there that will help channel all of that energy into wonderful cognitive and motor skill development.

While experts agree that adult interaction, in the form of talking, singing and playing, is the best developmental aid for your baby, there are plenty of toys out there that have the sensory stimulation needed to prepare your child for the exciting stages of development ahead.

For a baby who is six months old, the best toys are brightly coloured to keep your toddler engaged and super importantly, should be free from small or detachable pieces to avoid choking hazards. With so many toys available, make sure the one you choose supports educational play and skills development.

We're sure the perfect toy for your 6-month-old is on this list but if you need more inspiration, check out our list of the best travel toys for kids or the best playmats for kids.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

While all of the toys for 6-month-olds listed here come highly recommended, if you're short on time, we've picked out the best option based on price, simplicity and educational value.

1. Fisher-Price FPM43 Smart Stages Puppy

Fisher-Price FPM43 Smart Stages Puppy.

This adorable puppy will quickly become your baby's new best friend. This puppy responds to touch and is loaded with words, phrases and songs to ensure the learning never stops. With three learning stages, this puppy will meet your child where they are and accompany them as their verbal skills develop.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.99
  • 3 AA batteries required (included)

Best For Music Lovers

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car.

Another great option from the masters of baby toys, this puts your baby in the driver's seat of a stationary car where they can let their imagination run wild with over 75 songs, phrases and words to support interactive learning. The car comes with many features to support learning through play including elements to teach them shapes, numbers and the alphabet.

Main Features

  • Price: £28.99
  • Interactive car includes 75 songs, phrases and words

Best For Tummy Time

3. Skip Hop Tropical Paradise Gym

Skip Hop Tropical Paradise Gym.

This toy will turn playtime into an exciting adventure to the tropics. The super comfortable play mat offers four ways to play and includes a leaf pillow for tummy time, a banana teether toy and a detachable sloth soother to relax your baby on the go.

Main Features

  • Price: £58.75
  • Soother requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Best Activity Centre

4. Skip Hop Explore And More Baby's View Three Stage Activity Centre

Skip Hop Explore And More Baby's View Three Stage Activity Centre‍.

It doesn't get much better than an activity centre that rotates 360 degrees, includes 25 developmental activities and supports three stages of use (sit, swivel and bounce). This activity centre is designed to meet your child’s needs as they grow. This centre is packed with great toys to develop your child's motor skills and includes a discovery window to let your baby see their feet while playing, teaching them cause and effect. The light up piano has three playing options (piano, song and motion sensor) to keep your child entertained for hours.

Main Features

  • Price: £199.99
  • 3 AA batteries required

Best For Book Lovers

5. VTech Nursery Rhymes Book

VTech Nursery Rhymes Book.

This bestselling toy features six classic nursery rhymes for six-month-olds and parents to read and sing along to in a durable, easy to clean book. This baby book is complete with the essentials of light up buttons and sound effects to keep your baby engaged while developing their motor skills.

Main Features

  • Price: £11
  • 2 x AAA batteries required (included)

Best For Families On A Budget

6. VTech Little Star Activity Table

VTech Little Star Activity Table.

This is a super cute, fully loaded activity table that includes a steering wheel, book pages, music buttons and much more. This table will keep your baby stimulated for hours while they learn colours, nursery rhymes and numbers and gives them the chance to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • 2 x AA batteries required (included)

Best Interactive Toy

7. VTech Baby's First Laptop

VTech Baby's First Laptop.

Your baby will be the next Bill Gates in a flash with the help of this adorable baby laptop that includes sing along songs and melodies. The laptop is a great educational toy with buttons that introduce animals, colours, shapes and the alphabet. The LED screen lights up as the mouse is moved, teaching your baby cause and effect.  

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • 2 x AA batteries required (included)

Best Building Toy

8. The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys.

These super simple stack up cups are great toys for six-month-old babies to help them develop hand-eye coordination through stacking, counting and nesting. With large numbers on the base of the cups to help with counting, these toys for a 6-month-old will remain relevant and fun as your baby grows.

Main Features

  • Price: £12.97
  • Includes 8 coloured cups

Best For Real Life Learning

9. LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket.

Your child will be the most well mannered, shape savvy kid on the block with this 16 piece shapes and sharing picnic basket. The interactive shape sorting lid recognises food by shape and colour and your child is encouraged to develop their motor skills by putting the correct shapes in the basket. Pressing the butterfly button results in polite food requests and songs that make learning good manners fun for your little one.

Main Features

  • Price: £20
  • Interactive shape sorting picnic basket
  • 3 x AA batteries required (included)

Best For The Bilingual Baby

10. Baby Einstein, Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

Baby Einstein, Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station.

This interactive toy bar is perfect for the bilingual child with content offered in English, Spanish and French. The fun bar lights up when baby spins the rattle or touches the colours and includes three different sound modes (animal, colour and xylophone) to help with your baby's skills development.

Main Features

  • Price: £20
  • English, Spanish and French content
  • 3 AA batteries required (included)

Best For Visual Stimulation

11. Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Book

Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Book.

This double sided book will be a great companion for your growing baby with high contrast colours to engage your 6-month-old and a colourful side for later. Its freestanding feature makes it great for tummy time and it includes a super cute baby koala teether.  There are lots of different textures for sensory exploration and a baby-safe mirror for visual stimulation.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.25
  • Double sided book with high contrast side and colourful side

Best For Sensory Stimulation

12. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set.

These super bright, easy to grab textured balls will deliver unlimited fun while developing your baby's tactile senses and fine motor skills. With six different sizes and shapes, these toys will have your 6-month-old reaching, grabbing and throwing like a pro.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • 6 balls in different shapes and sizes

Best For Fine Motor Skill Development

13. Lamaze Rainbow Rings Stacking Rings

Lamaze Rainbow Rings Stacking Rings.

Lamaze's rainbow stacking rings will provide endless fun while developing your baby's hand-eye and fine motor skills. Featuring easy grab rings in a range of different textures, sounds and patterns, your baby will be exploring and developing their sensory skills with nothing but ease and enjoyment.

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • Includes four multi-textured rings

Best Baby Walker

14. VTech First Steps Baby Walker Pink

VTech First Steps Baby Walker Pink.

Another great activity panel for six-month-olds, this walker features light-up buttons, shape sorters, a role play phone and gears. This toy will introduce your baby to animals, shapes and counting through fun activities and music. As an added bonus, the activity panel can be removed from the walker for the option of sit-down play.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.99
  • 2 x AA batteries required (included)

Best Activity Book

15. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peek & Play Baby Activity Book

Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peek & Play Baby Activity Book.

This super cute two-in-one activity book folds into a 3D playhouse that has baby-safe windows, mirrors, doors and much more. The cloth book is two sided, using bold contrast and colours to help visually stimulate your baby.

Main Features

  • Price: £26.50
  • Book that folds into a 3D playhouse

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