10 Best Mermaid Toys For Ocean Lovers


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Here at Kidadl, we know the craze with mermaids all too well.

With so many wonderful toys and gifts floating around, it can be a lot to figure out where to start. With mermaids comes a sense of magic so it's no wonder so many of our kids are in love with these sea beauties.

We all know, of course, arguably the most famous mermaid of all time brought to you by Disney, and that is Ariel. But there are many others out there, including characters from 'H2O: Mermaid Adventures' and many other books featuring the mythical creature.

If your child is a big fan of mermaids, then we have created the perfect list for you, sharing our top picks for mermaid lovers, featuring different ages, budgets and of course, not forgetting boys as well as girls.

As well as mermaids, we also know how popular unicorns are, so if you're looking for unicorn toys to bring a little bit of magic to your child's life, we have some great recommendations which will make your kids giddy. Otherwise, you can also take a look at this list of the best Disney toys for kids of all ages.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst all of the toys on this list are highly recommended, this our top pick. This Ariel Princess Storybook is our top pick due to the great price and that fact that it is unisex, allowing any child to get involved.

1. LEGO Disney Princess Ariel Storybook

LEGO Disney Princess Ariel Storybook

If your child loves all things Ariel and getting creative, they're going to love this Lego Disney Princess storybook set. With three micro-doll figures of two versions of Ariel, and also a Prince Eric, as well as Sebastian and Flounder (as it wouldn't be 'The Little Mermaid' without them), this Lego playset has so many different elements to it! It also has an opening clamshell, a slide and even a beach! To complete the set and allow your child to customise the background, it also comes with two sticker sheets. The set is powered by imagination, so no batteries are needed. With so many exciting things to discover, your kids will be playing for hours and playtime will tell a different story every day. As this set is made by Lego, you know it will also durable and long lasting.

Main Features

  • Price: £17.99
  • Age: 5+
  • Encourages roleplay with friends
  • Easy to store, with lots of fun inside
  • Includes sticker sheets for personalisation

Best For Bathtime

2. Bloopies Mermaid Luna

Bloopies Mermaid Luna

This mermaid loves to play in the bath; she even squirts water out of her mouth! Your child will love the amount of fun they can have in the water with Luna. When there are bubbles in the bath, she can even blow bubbles if you press her belly button. Submerge her in warm water and watch her tail change colour, it's a truly magical experience. The collection has a number of other Bloopies dolls and divers as well as mermaids. Whether your child is looking for a girl mermaid such as Sweety or Luna or a boy diver such as Cobi and Max, your kids can expect to have hours of fun with these underwater babies. We recommend this wonderful toy for any little girl or boy who loves bath time.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: 18 months+
  • Colour changing
  • Blows bubbles

Best For Colour Changing Toys

3. Shimmer & Shine Fisher-Price Magic Mermaid Shine

Shimmer & Shine Fisher-Price Magic Mermaid Shine

Another fun bath toy is the Shimmer & Shine Fisher-Price magic doll. Whilst we love little mermaid bath toys; this is an excellent alternative for bathtime. You can brush your mermaid's hair as well as play lots of games together, in and out of the tub. With hair which changes colour with warm water and an articulated waist to allow comfortable sitting and standing for the mermaid, she is finally completed with a sculpted teal tail, ready for your little mermaid to take her out on the water.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.49
  • Age: 1+
  • Great for bath time
  • Has colouring changing hair

Best Mermaid Doll

4. Barbie Colour Reveal Mermaid Surprise Doll

Barbie Colour Reveal Mermaid Surprise Doll

With this mermaid doll, Barbie has gone all out, resulting in a secret colour reveal Barbie which can only be seen once wet. The doll and the bag of special extras need to be taken out of the tube they came in, but kept in their bags until bathtime. Then, remove the outer layer by pulling the strip to take the Barbie out of her packaging, fill the tube she came in with warm water and place her back inside. Swirl her around and the water will cloud up in the same colour as the mystery mermaid. To discover more about this underwater surprise, take your mermaid out of the water and you'll be able to see her eye colour, long coloured hair, skin tone and decorated bodice.  Finally, for playtime to begin, open the mystery bags and get ready for hours of fun. Each bag contains a mermaid themed toy inside. There are five mermaid Barbies to collect and the mystery which comes with each one is exciting for any child.

Main Features

  • Price: £20
  • Age: 3+
  • A fun experience each time
  • Encourages role play

Best For Mermaid Playsets

5. Barbie Chelsea Doll Mermaid Playset

Barbie Chelsea Doll Mermaid Playset

Join Chelsea the mermaid doll and have hours of fun at the best mermaid playground. Alongside her friend Merbear, boys and girls will love to play for hours with these mermaid toys. You can fill up the pool with water, push Merbear down the slide and watch him splash. Another exciting part of the set is if you fill Merbear with water, he can squirt water from his mouth. This set even has a shell swing ready for Chelsea and also a table to allow the duo to relax and have some tea after their busy day at the mermaid playground.

Main Features

  • Price: £20
  • Age: 3+
  • Hours of fun
  • Great for kids who love mermaids, fairytales or fantasy

Best For Families On A Budget

6. Steffi Love Mermaid Girl Doll

Steffi Love Mermaid Girl Doll

If you're looking for a great value mermaid toy, then Steffi Love is the perfect doll to fit any budget. Whether your child is saving up for a toy or you're giving them a treat, Steffi is a great pick. With long blonde hair, a colourful fin and a matching top, your child is in for a great time with this toy. Although Steffi is not made to swim, your child can use her for roleplay, which makes her one of the best mermaid toys as we think it's all about the imagination behind the mermaid as opposed to the extras of the toy.

Main Features

  • Price: £5
  • Age: 3+
  • 29cm tall

Best For Toddlers

7. Disney Store Ariel's Palace Playset

Disney Store Ariel's Palace Playset

Where would a mermaid be without her sea? Your kids will have a great time in and out of the bath with this lovely 'Little Mermaid' playset. It comes with 10 pieces, including King Triton's Palace, Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, a mystery figure, a clamshell and more.

Main Features

  • Price: £13
  • Age: 36 months+
  • 10 piece set

Best For A Mermaid Who Can Swim

8. Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid Doll

Give your child a unique playtime experience with the Barbie Dreamtopia mermaid. The doll which can 'swim' will be an exhilarating toy for your kids. Simple put this mermaid in water, press the sides of her peplum and hold her as her tail mimics the swimming motion. Not only this but once this mermaid gets in the ocean, her hair changes colour and excitingly her tail puts on an array of cool light shows. There are lots of different mermaid dolls in this franchise for your child to collect. Be sure to encourage your children to live out their wildest dreams as they explore this mermaid toy.

Main Features

  • Price: £21
  • Age: 3+
  • Barbie 'swims' with an easy to activate button
  • Watch her magical tail glow underwater

Best For Boys

9. Playmobil Mermaids Seahorse Carriage Set

Playmobil Mermaids Seahorse Carriage Set

We all know girls and boys love to use their imagination to make playtime even more magical, with the help of this Playmobil set, you can expect hours of enjoyment. Whether your children love toys which allow them to make their own adventures, play with friends or take a trip in the enchanted carriage, they will love this mermaid toy. The set comes with two mermaid figures, two seahorses, a carriage and lots of ocean inspired accessories to allow your children to bring their best mermaid toys to life. This will make a great gift or toy for any mermaid lovers, those who love imaginative play or those who like to take a swim under the sea. Of course, boys will love any of the mermaid toys on this list, but this is one we think they will especially love.

Main Features

  • Price: £13
  • Age: 4+
  • Great for all children
  • Endless possibilities

Best Mermaid Costume

10. Disney Store The Little Mermaid Costume

Disney Store The Little Mermaid Costume

Give your little mermaid or merman their magic mermaid tail, with these 'Little Mermaid' toys. Not only will they enjoy playing with the 'Little Mermaid' themed items, but they can also now become a mermaid themselves. Why not help your child make themselves over and grab a pair of matching shoes, as well as a wand to go with this glitzy outfit? The style of this mermaid costume offers the look of a mermaid tail but with easy movement or active kids.

Main Features

  • Price: £28
  • Age: 3+
  • Great for fancy dressing or play days
  • Bring their dreams to life with this mermaid toy

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