10 Best Kids' Stationery For Use At School Or At Home


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Who doesn't love stationery?

Your kids will be experiencing that back-to-school feel, fuelled by the excitement of knowing that with a new school year comes the chance for new school stationery. There's so much joy to be had in discovering the new pens, pencils, notebooks, and everything else that comes with this time, so sit back and take stock of the stationery that we recommend.

The stationery items that schools typically require students to have include pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, colouring pens, and a sharpener - but glue sticks and scissors can also come in useful, particularly for arts subjects, or those like geography. Highlighters are also practical for older students as revision tools, as is a scientific calculator and a maths stationery set that includes items like a compass and protractor. Clear plastic pencil cases are required for exams, too, so that's also worth bearing in mind in advance of any purchase.

Set your kids up with an ideal learning environment by using our recommended children's stationery, and help them get their creative juices flowing.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Staedtler Triplus Fibre-Tip Pens

Staedtler Triplus Fibre-Tip Pens.
Image © Staedtler

These pens are the highest quality, and beloved by both kids and adults alike. The Staedtler set comes in anything from a pack of 10 up to a tin of 50, all in a range of rich colours. They're easy to grip with their triangular barrels, making them comfortable for both drawing or writing, and the tips are pressure-resistant and sturdy enough to prevent any breakages should younger kids press a little too hard. The case doubles as a stand, and the ink is dry safe so that when accidents inevitably happen and lids are left off, the pens should be able to withstand a day or two cap-less. Even better, it's ink that washes out of most fabrics - just in case!

Main Features

  • Price: from £9.99
  • Ages: 4+
  • Great range of rich colours
  • A handy case that doubles as a stand
  • Ergonomic triangular barrels for ease of holding
  • Sturdy tips that resist pressure
  • Dry safe ink; can be left uncapped for days
  • Ink washes out of most fabrics
  • Comes in tins of up to 50 pens

Best For Families On A Budget

2. Stationery Set by Sports Direct

A Stationery Set by Sports Direct.
Image © Sports Direct

This bumper children's stationery set has everything that your kids could need for their return to the classroom, or for at-home learning. It has all the essentials - namely an eraser, stapler, compass, glue stick, ruler, pencils, notebook, multiple pens, protractor, scientific calculator, pencil case and a sharpener. Plus, it comes at a great price - phew.

Main Features

  • Price: £8
  • Ages: 4+
  • Great budget stationery kit
  • Includes all the important bits and bobs
  • Fantastic value

Best For Under 5s

3. Paw Patrol School Supplies Value Pack by Toys R Us

Paw Patrol School Supplies Value Pack.
Image © Toys R Us

This children's stationery box comes courtesy of Nickelodeon's hit show Paw Patrol (about hero dogs, in case you didn't know already), and is complete with everything your kids need to return to lessons with confidence. There's a Paw Patrol notebook, 2 folders, pencils, carrying case, mini notebook, ruler, eraser, and sharpener - and over 290 stickers with which to decorate everything. Fun pretty much guaranteed.

Main Features

  • Price: from £16
  • Ages: 4+
  • Featuring all the main characters from Paw Patrol
  • Great value pack
  • Includes all the stationery you would expect, including notebooks, folders, pencil case, etc
  • Plus over 290 stickers for decoration

Best For Under 10s

4. 5 Tier Gel Pen Case

5 Tier Gel Pen Case.
Image © The Works

The ultimate set of gel pens, this is a 5 tier assortment that includes 60 gel pens. There are pastel options, neon glitter, metallic, glitter, and fluorescent gel pens, all for a great price. Perfect for your kids to get sketching, colouring, drawing, writing, underlining, highlighting - whatever they can imagine, they can pretty much do with this stationery set.

Main Features

  • Price: £10
  • Ages: 4+
  • Gel pens galore with 60 in total and 5 tiers
  • Great value
  • Glitter, pastel, neon glitter, metallic, and fluorescent options

5. Personalised Colouring Pencils

Personalised Colouring Pencils.
Image © Not On The High Street

At great value, these personalised colouring pencils are bright and good quality. You get 12 included in the set, all of which are hand personalised by a team of artisans using a traditional technique. Individual, quirky, and supporting small businesses. We love.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.95
  • Ages: 4+
  • 12 personalised pencils with vintage gold lettering
  • Made traditionally by hand
  • Great value
  • Good quality

6. Lucy Locket Magical Unicorn Writing Set

Lucy Locket Magical Unicorn Writing Set.
Image © Amazon

This children's writing set comes with writing paper, envelopes and postcards, all decorated with a delightful unicorn print. Unicorns are seemingly evergreen in popularity; this set comes in a matching folder and is a great way to encourage your kids to practice their handwriting or send a thank you card. It's also one of the better value writing sets.

Main Features

  • Price: £8.99
  • Ages: 4+
  • Bedazzled unicorn print on every item
  • Includes lined writing paper, matching envelopes, postcards, and stickers
  • Comes in a snazzy folder for easy storage
  • Ideal for handwriting practice

7. Crayola Super Colour Activity Kit

Crayola Super Colour Activity Kit.
Image © Crayola

This is the perfect set for all colouring-mad kids: the Crayola 70 piece stationery set. It comes with a bonus colouring book and consists of different bits and bobs to satisfy even the wackiest of your kids' creative drives, from washable markers to stampable markers and multi-coloured crayons to glitter glue.

Main Features

  • Price: £18.90
  • Ages: 4+
  • 70 piece stationery set
  • Includes felt pens, colouring pencils, coloured glitter glue, stickers, and an activity book
  • Great value

8. Moomin Archipelago Notebook by Papier

Moomin Archipelago Notebook by Papier.
Image © Papier

These notebooks from Papier are truly magical, coming in so many designs from which your kids can choose - from Moomins to Miffy, mermaids to dinosaurs, dogs to dinosaurs. They can be personalised for an added special touch, you choose whether to have lined, dotted, or plain paper, and whether you want a hardback or softback. Plus, the packaging is plastic-free. We love them.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99
  • Ages: 6+
  • Adorable and unique designs, including fun characters like Miffy
  • Can be personalised
  • Choose from lined, plain, dotted paper and hardback or softback options
  • Plastic-free packaging

9. 5 Mini Dog Highlighters by Paperchase

5 Mini Dog Highlighters.
Image © Paperchase

Paperchase is one of the best places to do a stationery shop with your kids, with products that burst with quirky details and a wealth of stationery options from which to choose. Of their many products, we've chosen these super cute highlighters, all of which feature little dog faces, have ear-shaped pen lids, and come in a handy zip-up wallet.  

Main Features

  • Price: £4
  • Ages: 6+
  • 5 multi-coloured highlighters, great for schoolwork and revision
  • Come in a zip-up wallet
  • Featuring cute dog faces

10. Weekly A4 Desk Pads

Weekly A4 Desk Pads.
Image © Not On The High Street

For slightly older kids who like to stay organised, this A4 weekly desk pad is ideal. It has daily columns for notes, lists, and to-do plans, and comes in two beautiful, tropical-themed designs.

Main Features

  • Price: £11.50
  • Ages: 11+
  • A4 weekly desk planners
  • Two colourful designs
  • For slightly older kids who enjoy being organised
  • Perfect for lists, notes, to-dos and any other scribbles

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