14 Best Kids Sliders And Flip Flops You'll Want In Your Size!


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When it gets hot outside, it's important to make sure that the kids have the right footwear to feel comfortable.

Kids' flip flops vary widely in quality, and getting something they can walk around in safely while doing day-to-day activities is a top priority. Whether you're looking for something simple to throw in a suitcase for the holidays, or some chic sliders for your mini-me to match you, we've hand-selected the best of the best when it comes to kids' summer shoe options.

In this list we've included shoes with a heel strap to make sure the flip flop doesn't fall off, as well as sliders (a comfy mule-type shoe). Whatever your child's style is, we've found something for everyone.

Top Tip: The good thing about slides (or sliders, as they are also known) is they generally fit slightly large, so there's lots of wiggle room and the shoes will still fit when your child grows.

Header Image © Murmakova via iStock

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Nike Kawa SE MC

A pair of pink Nike Kawa SE MCs.
Image © Nike

These kids Nike sliders are both on-trend and won't break the bank. Nike are known for their durable footwear, so whether your child is playing by the pool or relaxing at home, these shoes are made to last. Plus, the choice of two melted crayon-style designs makes these slides extra appealing for kids.

Available In: Children's size 10+

Price: £21.95

Best For Early Years

2. Havaianas Baby Sandals

Lion King themed Havaianas Baby Sandals.
Image © Office

Finding flip flops for kids can be a challenge, especially when you have a baby or toddler. These fun little flip flops function more like a sandal, so smaller children can get used to the feel, but with a heel strap to hold the foot in place. And, there are two versions to choose from, depending on whether your child is a Lion King or Mickey Mouse fan.

Available In: Children's size 5+

Price: £17.99

Best For Under 5s

3. Kids’ Crocband™ Strap Flip

A mint green Kids’ Crocband™ Strap Flip.
Image © Crocs

Love them or hate them, Crocs have a serious comfort factor, and these colourful flip-flops are no exception. With a heel strap across the back and fabric toe posts, these shoes are flexible and ultra-comfy so there'll be no complaints about sore feet. Available in three different colours, these shoes make a great addition to any little outfit.

Available In: Children's size 6+

Price: £16.99

Best For Under 10s

4. Havaianas Unisex Kids’ Max Flip Flops

Havaianas Unisex Kids’ Max Flip Flops.
Image © Havaianas

Whether you're looking for girls or boys flip flops, this unisex option takes all the fuss out of holiday shopping. Havaianas is known for high quality flip flops, and these ones with a thicker strap ensure comfort and durability. Top Tip: We recommend ordering a size or two up as these flip flops fit slightly small.

Available In: Children's size 5+

Price: £17.58

5. Arizona Kids Birkenstock Sandals

Arizona Kids Birkenstock Sandals.
Image © Birkenstock

Birkenstocks aren't just for grown ups! If you're a lover of this iconic shoe, you'll be delighted to know there is now a mini version for kids. Lightweight and moulded for comfort, this breathable shoe ensures daily wearability, and is designed to last.

Available In: Children's size 7+

Price: £35

6. Nike Benassi Slides

White Nike Benassi Slides.
Image © Nike

We all know that teens like to make their own choices, so with plenty of colour and style options to choose from, the Nike Benassi will suit any style. Great as a gift, these slides are long lasting and comfortable, and can easily be dressed up or down.

Available In: Adult's size 3+

Price: £24

Best For Families On A Budget

7. Soulcal Maui Childrens Flip Flops

Blue and white Soulcal Maui Childrens Flip Flops.
Image © Sports Direct

These extra comfy flip flops made by the famous Soulcal brand are the perfect option for simple summer style. There are plain designs to choose from, or fun cartoon options such as Frozen (with glitter straps!) and Spiderman.

Available In: Children's size 10+

Price: £4

8. Everlast Junior Sliders

Everlast Junior Sliders in a variety of colours.
Image © Sports Direct

For something sporty, summery and budget friendly, this style is perfect whether you're looking for girls or boys sliders. Great for going to and from the pool, or pairing with socks and a comfy outfit, these sliders are brilliant for slightly older kids who are interested in current trends.

Available In: Adult's size 3+

Price: £6.50

9. Joules Kid’s Flip Flops

Floral Joules Kid’s Flip Flops.
Image © Joules

Everyone loves a pom pom, and these adorable flip flops are the perfect addition to any little trend-lover's wardrobe. With a rubber pom pom and lightweight design, this style is more durable than it looks, and makes a lovely choice to go with summer wear.

Available In: Children's size 8+

Price: £12.95

10. Hype Black & Purple Sunset Crest Slider

Hype Black & Purple Sunset Crest Sliders.
Image © Schuh

Older kids and young teens will love the 'galaxy' design of these comfy slides. The footbed is textured for some extra grip and comfort, and there are lots of other design options including a pink holographic design for those who love a bit of extra sparkle.

Available In: Children's size 10+

Price: £14

11. Lora Dora Iridescent Glitter Sliders

Lora Dora Iridescent Glitter Sliders.
Image © Lora Dora

Not only do these fabulous sliders shimmer in every colour of the rainbow, they also come in mini versions that include a heel strap. A perfect option for siblings who like to match, or kids who like to add some glitz to their everyday look.

Available In: Children's size 5/6+

Price: £11.99

12. Animal Non Slip Sliders

Dinosaur-themed Animal Non Slip Sliders.
Image © Amazon

If your kids love nature and animals, these funny yet cute animal slides are a fun option. Lightweight and flexible with a variety of different colour combinations, these make a perfect shoe to add to holiday luggage and are also practical enough for walking and chilling next to the pool.

Available In: Adult's size 2+

Price: £12.99

13. UGG Kids' Fluff Yeah Pride Slide

UGG Kids' Fluff Yeah Pride Slide with pink, red, orange, and yellow stripes.
Image © Ugg

Kids' designer sliders have never looked better! Children can take their style to the next level with this adorable mini version of the UGG Pride Slide. With this campaign, UGG donated $125,000 to GLAAD, a charity that helps support the LGBTQ+ community, so kids can wear their fluffy slides and help a charitable cause at the same time.

Available In: Children's size 12+

Price: £65

14. Gucci Nastro Rubber Sliders

Gucci Nastro Rubber Sliders.
Image © Selfridges

While Gucci flip flops for kids are hard to come by, they do have a lovely selection of slides that add a designer touch to any look. For something premium yet understated, these stylish sliders do the trick. As a smaller version of the Gucci Nastro slides, these are the ultimate in adorable 'mini-me' style.

Available In: Children's size 9+

Price: £160

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