15 Best Kids' Lunch Boxes And Bags That They Will Love


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There is no perfect kids' lunch box for taking to school or on a lovely summer's day picnic, but they all need to fit everything inside comfortably without squashing any of the food, and insulate if necessary.

Our top picks of children's lunch boxes have everything you could need. From bento boxes to bags, from the environmentally friendly to a budget buy, find your favourite and get lunching straight away.

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Kidadl Top Pick

Whilst all of the lunch boxes and bags on our list are highly recommended, if you're short on time, here's our top pick based on price, size and design.

1. Sistema Bento Lunch Box To Go

Light blue Sistema Bento Lunch Box To Go.
Image © Amazon

This compact lunch box is excellent value for money and highly recommended as the ultimate lunch box for a picnic on the go. The box comes with changeable compartments, plus an airtight fruit or yoghurt pot, to ensure that your lunch doesn't mix up on the move. The compartments are also removable, which makes it extra easy to clean after a day at school. At an affordable price and with reliable quality, it's a must-buy.

Main Features

  • Price: £7
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • Seal tight, moveable compartments
  • Additional fruit or yoghurt pot

2. Monbento Kids Lunch Box

Green Monbento Kids Lunch Box.
Image © Monbento

This compact lunch box for kids is excellent for protecting your sandwiches, and you can even customise your own. It's the perfect size for a backpack and, with the airtight containers and shock-absorbent edges, it's an excellent lunch box to take to school. It is also dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, so is extremely convenient.

Price: £17

3. Yumbox Classic Lunch Box

Blue Yumbox Classic Lunch Box.
Image © Notonthehighstreet

This leakproof bento box won the 'Good Design Award' for Children's Product, so it's a great buy for packing picnics or lunches. The main compartment is divided into five different sections, perfect for portioning food and encouraging a balanced diet. It has a tight seal so is leakproof, making it ideal for being carried around in little backpacks. Plus, the BPA free, food-safe materials are great for young children to use, and it's even dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

Price: £29.95

4. PuTwo Tier Bento Box

Black and wood PuTwo Tier Bento Box.
Image © Amazon

This bento box is an excellent two-tiered lunch box, sealed and leakproof. Made from BPA free, eco-friendly materials, this is a very safe way to package your lunch. The Bento box keeps your food fresh all day long, and stops food from smelling after a day out of the fridge. It's also straightforward to clean with a super soft inner surface, so it's great to take to school. It's also be great for adults to borrow too!

Price: £14.99

5. Smiggle Lunch Boxes

Unicorn-themed Smiggle Lunch Box.
Image © Amazon

Smiggle is a brand that always goes down well with children. Their double lunchbox fits everything you could need in one carrier, with a handy strap for easy carrying. There are lots of styles available, so your child can choose colours and designs they like best.

Price: £20

Best Lunch Bags For Kids

6. Jojo Maman Bebe Insulated Bag

Pink floral Jojo Maman Bebe Insulated Bag.
Image © Jojo Maman Bebe

Keep everything super fresh with this kids' lunch bag, a compact carrier that can flatten down and fit into any handbag. It's both affordable and highly recommended. Made from lightweight, durable material, with handles for easy carrying, this is a convenient lunch bag for any occasion.  

Price: £6

7. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags

Black PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag.
Image © Amazon

The PackIt lunch bag has a gel lining in the walls, which can be frozen overnight ready for a day spent at school. It can fold into a flat, compact shape to easily fit in the freezer, and can store a whole day's lunch in perfectly. It's very practical, with a handy clip to attach to any tote, pushchair or backpack. It also has a wipe-clean lining which helps for easy cleaning

Price: £28

Best Lunch Box For Toddlers

8. Munchkin Bento Toddler Lunchbox

Brightly coloured Munchkin Bento Toddler Lunchbox.
Image © Amazon

This lunchbox is ideally suited to your little children, with five separate compartments to encourage your youngest kids to eat a balanced diet without realising. It's super colourful for added appeal, and it fits small hands in the small apartments due to its unique toddler design. A handy fork is also included. It's perfect for ages 18 months and up, and is great to send your little one off to nursery or preschool with. The box is made from BPA-free materials too.

Price: £19.99

9. Flatbox 2-in-1 Lunch Bag

Brown Flatbox 2-in-1 Lunch Bag.
Image © Amazon

This is a lunch bag with a difference! This two-in-one bag turns into a placemat too, so you can lay out your food in front of you instead of rummaging around in the bag. It is durable and washable, so whatever mess is made can be easily cleared up. Available in regular or large sizes, use these with a variety of pots to do your bit for the environment and save on clingfilm, napkins and carrier bags.

Price: £17

Best Insulated Lunch Box

10. LL Bean Insulated Lunch Bag

Pale green LL Bean Insulated Lunch Bag.
Image © Amazon

This lunch box has five-star ratings in all areas on Amazon. With padded, insulated lining, this lunch bag can keep food warm or cold for hours, and the outer durable, waterproof coating is perfect for resistance against any mess your kids make. It has a mesh pocket inside for storing cutlery, and a handy side pocket for keeping drinks, so your entire lunch - with all the trimmings - can fit in this one convenient carrier.

Price: £13

Best For Families On A Budget

11. Sistema 2 Litre Lunch Box

Purple Sistema 2 Litre Lunch Box.
Image © Amazon

This two-litre lunch box will fit any midday picnic, with secure locking and flexible seal to keep everything incredibly fresh throughout the day. Whilst a minimalist lunch box, this is great for buying on a budget and will meet your lunch box needs perfectly. It is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and is even stackable so it can be used with other two-litre boxes. It is available in a variety of colours, so your child can pick their favourite.

Price: £4.49

12. Joules Sequin Heart Lunch Bag

Black and red Joules Sequin Heart Lunch Bag.
Image © Joules

These printed lunch bags come in a wide variety of designs; from dinosaurs, rockets, flowers and love hearts, there's something for everyone. With a wipe-clean, insulated lining and an additional lunchbox, you really get value for money. This heart design also has reversible sparkles to add an extra shine to the lunch bag.

Price: £7.95

13. 3 Sprouts Designed Kids Bento Box

3 Sprouts Designed Kids Bento Box with owl on the front.
Image © Amazon

These lunch boxes are adorable; with their cute designs they are a charming addition to any backpack. These microwavable lunch boxes are a great way to keep the little ones fed, designed to organise their food into different compartments. This keeps food separated, so there is no mixing, which suits even the pickiest of eaters. They're also BPA-free and both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Price: £10.99

Best For The Environment

14. Stainless Steel Eco Lunchbox 3-in-1

Stainless Steel Eco Lunchbox 3-in-1.
Image © Amazon

Whilst this is a much more expensive lunch box to buy, it was designed by a mother, and therefore you can be sure it is practical for little ones. With three compartments, there is plenty of room to pack a very filling lunch, and you're doing your bit for the environment as you buy too. This is a great investment for your children to use throughout school or to bring along to any picnic.

Note: whilst stainless steel is environmentally friendly, it is not leakproof, so when carrying this it needs to remain upright.

Price: £32

15. BamBox Bamboo Lunch Box

BamBox Bamboo Lunch Box.
Image © Amazon

If you're looking for an eco-friendly buy on a smaller budget, the BamBox is for you. Made from natural materials, including bamboo, this biodegradable material is farmed sustainably and therefore very eco-friendly. When you buy the BamBox, a donation of 25p is made to a sustainability charity, which is an additional positive. It's the perfect size to fit your sandwiches, and compact enough to fit in most bags. This box is practical, good for the environment and a really affordable price.

Price: £14.49

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