15 Best Kids' Dungarees That You'll Adore


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Super cute and fantastically functional, dungarees are a classic kids clothing essential for good reason.

Ideal for toddlers to romp around in, and a fashion staple for children of all ages, dungarees come in countless shapes, colours and styles. We've pulled together this list of the best dungarees for every age to help you pick the best possible pair for your own little style icon.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

All the dungarees on this list are cute and comfy, but if you're short on time this is our top pick of the best kids' dungarees based on size and style.

1. Boden Skinny Fit Dungarees In Mid Vintage Denim

Young girl wearing Boden Skinny Fit Dungarees in mid vintage denim.

Made from good quality denim, these Boden dungarees are a brilliant version of a classic style, while the star printed lining and turned up contrast-stitched hems give them a lovely modern twist that kids will love. The five pockets are ideal for collecting treasures on a day out and, though these are listed as girls' dungarees, the design is gender neutral enough that these could be a hit with boys too. Best of all, these are available in sizes for two to 16-year-olds, so if they love them you can keep coming back for more!

Main Features

  • Price: £37-£42 depending on size
  • Age: 2-16

Best Baby Dungarees

2. Baby Mori Grey Cloud Dungarees

Baby Mori Grey Cloud Dungarees.

For babies and toddlers who want something comfy and cosy, these dark grey dungarees are brushed on the inside and made from 100 percent organic cotton, with soft adjustable straps. The cloud applique on the front is nicely tactile while the poppers on the crotch make these nicely practical - and ideal as a baby gift.

Main Features

  • Price: £22.75
  • Age: 3 months-3 years

Best For A Cute Print

3. Jojo Maman Bebe 2-Piece Fox Print Baby Dungarees Set

Jojo Maman Bebe 2-Piece Fox Print Baby Dungarees Set.

This adorable two-piece set of dungarees and top is practical, stylish and super comfy. Made from cotton jersey, the dungarees are printed with little foxes while the top is a classic stripe which coordinates brilliantly but could easily be paired with other outfits too. The adjustable straps and popper leg opening make this easy to take on and off and the hareem style dropped crotch leaves plenty of space for a nappy.

Main Features

  • Price: £23
  • Age: 0-18 months

Best For Book Lovers

4. Tu Clothing Peter Rabbit Blue Dungarees & Bodysuit

Tu Clothing Peter Rabbit Blue Dungarees & Bodysuit.

A lovely option for fans of Beatrix Potter, this romper baby bodysuit and corduroy dungarees set features lovely illustrations of Peter Rabbit from the book, printed all over the bodysuit and embroidered onto the front of the dungarees. The easy popper fastening and cotton fabric make this practical and comfy, and you can even buy matching Peter Rabbit booties to complete the outfit!

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • Age: 0-18 months

Best For Under 5s

5. Boden Jersey-Lined Cord Dungarees - Starboard Blue

Boden Jersey-Lined Cord Dungarees - Starboard Blue

These corduroy kids' dungarees are a great option for mini explorers, who put their clothes to the test by crawling everywhere. The red star patches on the knees protect these kids' dungarees from tearing and are a lovely bold, gender-neutral design. A soft jersey lining makes this super comfortable and adjustable straps and poppers at the sides, gusset and legs make for an easy change, while plenty of pockets provide space for interesting finds.

Main Features

  • Price: £29
  • Age: 0-4

Best Unisex Dungarees

6. Tu Clothing Mustard Corduroy Dungaree & Bodysuit

Tu Clothing Mustard Corduroy Dungaree & Bodysuit.

For children who rock bold colours, these bright mustard cord dungarees are sure to become a fast favourite. Paired with a coordinating grey and white striped bodysuit, this great two in one set is really versatile. It's made from 100 percent cotton too, and is fastened with poppers throughout, so it's comfy, practical and durable as well.

Main Features

  • Price: £14
  • Age: 0-2

Best Classic Dungarees

7. Gap Denim Overalls

Gap Denim Overalls.

You can't get more classic than a pair of denim overalls and these kids denim dungarees from Gap fit the bill perfectly. A straight leg, racer back cut in dark indigo wash, with no lining, a chest pocket and five hip pockets, these bib overalls are the real deal. The only detailing on the premium 1969 denim is a faint embroidery patch outline of a heart, but it's very subtle.

Main Features

  • Price: £26.95
  • Age: 1-5

Best For Fashionable Kids

8. Fat Face Coloured Shortie Dungarees

Fat Face Coloured Shortie Dungarees.

These classic little kids' white dungarees would look great paired with a breton t-shirt or could be jazzed up with colourful tees and tights. They are 97 percent cotton, with just a bit of elastane to give them a good amount of stretch, and the adjustable shoulder straps, belt loops and buttons on the hips ensure a good fit.

Main Features

  • Price: £10
  • Age: 3-13

Best For Durability

9. River Island Mini Kids' Black Denim Dungarees

River Island Mini Kids' Black Denim Dungarees.

For no-fuss clothing, these kids black dungarees are ideal. Made from a cotton blend, they are durable, hide stains well and are machine washable at 40. The adjustable straps and multiple pockets are practical while the bright silver buttons give these traditional bib overalls a cool, glam look.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Age: 3 months-5 years

Best Dungaree Dress

10. Boden Woven Dungaree Dress In Chambray

Boden Woven Dungaree Dress In Chambray.

You can't beat a denim dungaree dress for timeless cool, and this bright, flared offering from Boden is a lovely design. A contrasting floral lining gives a lovely girly touch to this otherwise simple style, while the three pockets are a handy addition.

Main Features

  • Price: £27
  • Age: 2-12

Best For Summer Style

11. H&M Dungaree Dress In White/Small Flowers

Girl wearing H&M Dungaree Dress in White/Small Flowers.

For something less heavy, this dungaree dress in a cotton weave floral print is sure to be a hit with most girls, and is perfect if you're looking for birthday gifts for a little fashionista. The straps cross at the back and can be adjusted with concealed buttons while elastication at the waist ensures a good fit.

Main Features

  • Price: £7.99
  • Age: 3-10

Best Dungaree Shorts

12. FatFace Denim Shortie Dungarees

Young girl wearing FatFace Denim Shortie Dungarees.

These kids' short dungarees are great for running around, climbing and exploring unencumbered. Made in soft denim with three percent elastane, they are a comfortable and hardwearing set of clothes, while the turned up hems and adjustable straps mean your children can grow into them easily.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Age: 3-13

Best For Stripes

13. Zara Striped Short Dungarees

Zara Striped Short Dungarees.

Stripes are an ideal choice for children who prefer gender neutral clothes, and these kids' dungaree shorts are particularly stylish. The fabric is a mix of cotton, viscose, linen and polyester, making them hardwearing and comfortable but giving them a lovely, rustic look too. Deep patch-on pockets, a straight neckline and a simple cut complete the timeless look mean these lovely kids' dungarees will pair well with lots of different styles.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: 3 months-4 years

Best Waterproof Dungarees

14. Muddy Puddles Originals Bib And Brace

Young girl outdoors wearing Muddy Puddles Originals Bib And Brace.

For easy to wash clothing and minimal mess, kids' waterproof dungarees are a brilliant solution and these breathable but waterproof kids' dungarees from Muddy Puddles are the best on offer. With adjustable braces, elastic ankle stirrups and a wide bib, they will keep your child warm and dry whatever the weather. There's extra room in the body to allow plenty of layers underneath and they can simply be taken off and machine washed once you're home and dry.

Main Features

  • Price: £24
  • Age: 18 months-12 years

Best Eco-Friendly Dungarees

15. Nurture Collective Rye African Print Dungarees

Nurture Collective Rye African Print Dungarees

If you're looking for something ethical and sustainable, then these beautiful dungarees are just the thing. Handmade by a London mum from authentic African waxed fabric (which is 100 percent cotton), they are eye-catching and one of a kind. Plenty of other prints are available too, all from the Nurture Collective, which is a group of small independent brands selling ethical products mostly made by mothers.

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • Age: 1-4

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top products for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best kids' dungarees, take a look at these great waterproof trousers for kids or check out our list of the best kids' cycling shorts.



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