10 Best Kids' Dressing Tables That They Will Love


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Dressing tables can make for a fabulous, classy, and most importantly fun addition to a child's bedroom.

If you're in the market for a children's dressing table, you're going to want a high quality and practical piece of furniture. A sharp design and plenty of storage space will ensure children really love their table.

The right choice can really give a child that tantalising feeling of adulthood, as they style themselves to their heart's content. With that in mind, here are the ten best children's dressing tables that we've been able to track down online, starting as always with our Kidadl top pick.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Teamson Gisele Girls Wooden Dressing Table

Teamson Gisele Girls Wooden Dressing Table

This is one of the classiest and most eyecatching designs we've seen in the sea of children's dressing tables. There's not even a hint of pink - it's all about those super gold polka dots on the white background. Children should love it, but the design is sophisticated enough for adults too. In terms of features, this comes with a three-sided mirror, and a drawer by way of storage space. If your child does particularly want a pink one, you can get them in different patterns including pink and white and pink and gold, but for us, the white and gold is the pick of the bunch.

Main Features

  • Price: £79.99
  • Age: 3+
  • Made with MDF and lead free paints

Best For Frozen Fans

2. Disney Frozen Dressing Table

The number one best selling dressing table on Amazon at time of writing - it's almost as if children love Frozen, or something. This is a really nice kids' dressing table beyond just the branding though. The blue, white and purple is a very cool, classy colour scheme. It comes equipped with lots of accessories, including jewellery, a comb, and perfume flasks. It's easy to put together, will fit neatly in any child's bedroom, and is guaranteed to win the hearts of wannabe Elsas.

Main Features

  • Price: £59.83
  • Age: 3 months-10 yrs
  • Made of plastic

Best For Princesses

3. Teamson Princess Rapunzel Vanity/Stool Set

Teamson Princess Rapunzel Vanity/Stool Set

This Argos dressing table has a lovely design, with the baby pink definitely giving off some princess vibes, and the grey trim stopping it from looking too garish or childish. The three drawers offer more storage space than most other dressing tables for kids do. The unit overall is sturdy and well constructed, and the mirror itself is made out of unbreakable Plexiglas.

Main Features

  • Price: £100
  • Age: The perfect size for a 4-5-year-old
  • Made from MDF, solid wood, and FSC certified timber

Best Kids Pink Dressing Table

4. Mack and Milo Acmentonia Dressing Table

Another dressing table that uses pink in a tasteful, low key kind of way - trust us, there are some really hideous ones out there. It's really a kids' white dressing table, with the whole frame of the table in a nice neutral colour. The three-section mirror is a thoughtful touch, allowing for a better view. This is a noticeably well-made dressing table, with high quality, eco-friendly wood.

Main Features

  • Price: £93.99
  • 3 section mirror
  • Eco-friendly wood

Best For Families On A Budget

5. HOMCOM Kids Dressing Table

HOMCOM Kids Dressing Table

HomCom's USP seems to be 'manufacturing almost every type of kids toy under the sun, and doing a pretty darn good job with all of them.' This has everything a child would want from a dressing table - a stool, a mirror and a drawer for storage, all done up in pink. It's manufactured from pine wood for added stability, making this a robust kids wooden dressing table.

Main Features

  • Price: £56.99
  • Made from MDF board and pine wood
  • It's easy to assemble, and seems to leave children very happy

Best For Christmas

6. Harriet Bee Dressing Table Set with Mirror

Harriet Bee Dressing Table Set with Mirror

A really attractive design here, with the icy white and blue colour scheme and the printed snowflakes giving the set a classy, wintry feel. It's another dressing table set with a three-part mirror, which really does make a difference. You get a drawer for extra storage space and it's super easy to assemble.

Main Features

  • Price: £99.99
  • Easy to assemble

Best Design

7. Sweetheart Dressing Table and Stool Set

Sweetheart Dressing Table and Stool Set

One of the more imaginative designs we've seen, and if your child wants a small dressing table, they'll love this one's cute, compact style, particularly the heart-shaped mirror. You can get it in two different designs; the 'pink hearts' one is bound to be popular, but we're particularly keen on the 'aqua polka dot' offering. The storage area is also pretty unique here; instead of there being a drawer, you simply lift the lid of the table and keep everything underneath it. It's a clever solution. As with all the best dressing tables, it's made of high-quality wood, and the mirror is acrylic safety glass.

Main Features

  • Price: £123.25
  • Age: 3+ yrs
  • Made of solid MDF and wood

Best For Under 5s

8. Smyths Lights and Sounds Vanity Table

Smyths Lights and Sounds Vanity Table

While most of these tables are aimed at 7 going on 17 types, this one is more overtly for a younger audience. There's a nice three-way mirror, but this one is all about the unique accessories it comes with, such as a fully functioning hairdryer and a mirror that lights up and plays sounds. The bright pink colour scheme and the love hearts incorporated into the design make it exactly the sort of spectacularly unsubtle package that very small children tend to appreciate. Be aware reviews suggest that while the product is very good, it is a little on the small size - your child may outgrow it sooner rather than later.

Main Features

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: 3+ yrs
  • Comes with light up mirror, a working hairdryer and over 15 accessories

Best For Older Children

9. BLUSH Pink and White Vintage Dressing Table

BLUSH Pink and White Vintage Dressing Table

A sophisticated design that wouldn't look out of place in an adult's bedroom. The BLUSH is marketed at 'trendy young girls who are a fan of retro style,' and that simple retro look means no matter what age you buy it for, it should be a piece of furniture they're happy to keep well into their teen years. The minimalist design is pared back yet chic and the pop of colour would make it appealing to kids.

Main Features

  • Price: £183
  • The oval-shaped mirror is a nice, distinctive look
  • There are two drawers by way of storage solutions

Best Deluxe Table

10. Kids Avenue Star Dressing Table

Kids Avenue Star Dressing Table

While this is one of the more expensive kids dressing tables out there, you're paying extra for a really high-quality piece of work. Four drawers means that kids should have oceans of room for all their accessories and trinkets. The LED lights around the mirror are included in the package, and add another touch of low key glamour to the table. The restrained, clean white colour scheme makes it another appropriate option for older, more discerning children.

Main Features

  • Price: £295
  • Made of high-density particle board with a laminate oak finish
  • There's also a little bar to rest your smartphone or tablet on

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