10 Best Hair Chalk For Kids Perfect For Creative Tweens And Teens


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These hair chalks are easy to apply to your hair, and can just as easily be washed out with some of your everyday shampoo.

Kids will love getting creative with these hair chalk sets, and the best part? There will be no damage to your hair, just lots of fun and colour along the way!

Hair chalk colours are safe, non toxic and great fun for everyone. Just make sure to protect your clothes and furniture as it might dye or mark any clothes you are wearing. So, to take your party outfits, sleepover fun and even festival looks to the next level, why not buy a set of hair chalk to get you started?

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst all the great hair chalk products on our list are highly recommended, if you're short on time, here's our top pick based on price, hair suitability and colours.

1. SYOSIN Hair Chalk

SYOSIN Hair Chalk

The SYOSIN hair chalk comes with 24 different colours to bring your hair to life! If 24 colours weren't enough, you can also combine all of these together to make a rainbow. Once you have created a wondrous hair chalk creation, you can simply wash it out with water and shampoo. They are very safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and also environmentally friendly. Therefore, these are a great overall buy. If using on dark brown hair, it is best to have wet hair first so that the colour sticks more, and use hairspray or wax afterwards to lock the colour. For blonde hair, you can simply add the chalk straight to dry hair.

Main Features

  • Price: £8.99
  • Hair type: Blonde hair preferable
  • Age: We recommend 10+

Best Hair Chalk Sets

2.  Alex Toys Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Alex Toys Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Using the Alex Toys chalk salon, you can create crazy chalk hair designs with your friends. With the pens and a comb, this set works by either brushing the colours through your hair or designing specifically with the pens. You can even add to the look with the sequins included which jazzes it up even more! These easily wash out with water and shampoo.

Main Features

  • Price: £12.50
  • Hair type: Any
  • Age: We recommend 10+
  • 5 washable hair chalk pens
  • Beading tool
  • 24 hair elastics
  • Hair beads

Best Hair Chalk For Travel

3. Claire's Glitter Hair Chalk Tin

Claire's Glitter Hair Chalk Tin

The Claire's glitter hair tin puts an exciting spin on sleepovers, parties, travel and festivals, as you and your friends can create all sorts of wonderful hair designs. With seven different bright hair chalks, in green, pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow and red, the possibilities are endless. They are all temporary, so you can have hair colour fun without the need for permanent hair dye. This also a great gift too. These glitter chalks all fit into a handy metal tin, which makes it so much easier to take with you on the move or on your travels. It keeps the chalks safe, doesn't let them crack, and keeps the colour creations continuing for a long time!

Main Features

  • Price: £10
  • Hair type: Any
  • Age: We recommend 10+
  • 7 bright chalks
  • Portable tin

Best Long Lasting Hair Chalks

4. Girlzone Hair Chalk Set

Girlzone Hair Chalk Set

The Girlzone set comes with ten different temporary chalk pens that last for almost 80 uses. You can even use these as face paints too, and they are super easy to use and quick to clean off, whether on skin or hair. There are five metallic colours, and five vibrant, bright chalk pens, so there is plenty of variety to keep changing the designs after every use.  

Main Features

  • Price: £10
  • Hair type: Any
  • Age: We recommend 10+
  • Non toxic

Best For Tweens

5. Technic Hair Chalks

Technic Hair Chalks

The Technic hair chalks don't come in a pen form, but instead as a powder to be combed in or even added with your hands. With these, you can highlight and colour all types of hair, but make sure to keep away from your eyes. These are also suited much more to older kids, as it these can create some mess even with the most cautious hands! Make crazy creations out of a whole selection of vibrant colours, and brush or comb to your heart's content. The intensity of the colour will vary, but you can be sure for a colourful hair do when you use Technic.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Hair type: Any (colour intensity varies with hair colour)
  • Age: We recommend 12+
  • 6 hair chalks

Best For Teens

6. Splat Hair Chalk

Splat Hair Chalk

This Splat Hair Chalk is perfect for older teens who are looking to add a splash of temporary hair colour to their look. These pastel colours are easily added to dry hair with the applicator sponge that is included, and once it's been added, you can style your hair however you see fit. Only now, it will have a splash of amazing colour and you will stand out!

Main Features

  • Price: £8.48
  • Hair type: Any (colour intensity varies with hair colour)
  • Age: We recommend 15+

Best Hair Chalk Pens

7. XIMU Hair Colour Pens

XIMU Hair Colour Pens

These colour pens come in 12 vibrant hair colours are a great way to make funky designs on both your hair and even on your nails. You can use each colour individually, mix them together to make your own unique colours, or blend them in your hair for a two tone effect. Perfect for parties, sleepovers, festivals, events and all sorts of places, these hair pens can bring you crazy hair and crazy nails to match. These are also great for the whole family, so you can give everyone a glorious head of chalk hair for any event!

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Hair type: Any (wet dark hair before adding chalk)
  • Age: We recommend 10+
  • 12 bright hair colours
  • Non toxic, temporary chalk

Best Hair Chalk Combs

8. PIXNOR Rosenice Hair Chalk Combs

PIXNOR Rosenice Hair Chalk Combs

These six bright hair combs, with a selection of colours from blue, red, green, yellow, purple and pink, are chalks with a difference. The chalk is incorporated into the combs, so you can easily brush these through and even blend more than one colour together. Even with the colour in your children's hair, it will still be soft and flowing, so there is no damage to their hair either. It is the best of both worlds. One thing to note is that these hair chalk combs tend to be best suited to lighter hair as the colours will be much less vibrant in darker hair.

Main Features

  • Price: £6.99
  • Hair type: Light and blonde hair (wet hair to add to darker tones)
  • Age: We recommend 10+
  • Non allergenic
  • Water soluble, washes out with shampoo

Best For Vibrant Colours

9. BAKAM Hair Chalk Comb Set

BAKAM Hair Chalk Comb Set

These 10 different colour combs offer a whole variety of vibrant designs for your kids and their hair. With the colour integrated into the combs themselves, this makes the chalk so quick and easy to use. They are temporary hair chalks, however, they will last up to three days after use, so it is important to take this into consideration! The comb applicator means that you can easily get chalk from root to tip, so you can ensure full colour coverage with the BAKAM hair chalks.

Main Features

  • Price: £7.99
  • Hair type: Any (if using on dark hair, wet before use)
  • Age: We recommend 10+

Best To Give As Gifts

10. Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk Gift

Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk Gift

This product is the number one best seller on Amazon, this 10 pack provides glittery hair colour madness for any event. These also double up as face painting too, so you can create an entire fancy dress costume from one pack of chalks. Mix and match the colours, blend, comb and create to your heart's content, and emerge every day with a new look and different hair. Whether you have light or dark hair, the chalks will vary in vibrancy, but this just adds to the individuality of each hair chalk's look.

Main Features

  • Price: £11.99
  • Hair type: Any
  • Age: We recommend 10+

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