10 Best Christmas Bibs To Keep Babies And Toddlers Clean


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You'll have spent time and effort finding the perfect Christmas Day outfit for your baby or toddler so don't forget to complete the fabulously festive look - and keep their gorgeous new clothes clean - with a Christmas bib too.

This is likely to be your baby or toddler's very first Christmas dinner, so you want to make sure it's a special occasion. You definitely don't want to sit there panicking that they're getting cranberry sauce everywhere or ruining the lovely little dress or shirt you've put them in for those all-important first Christmas photos.

A good bib can make the eating process a lot more enjoyable for everyone and they are especially good for parents who have chosen to do baby-led weaning with their bundle of joy as it gives baby the freedom to explore the new foods that come as part of a classic Christmas dinner.

While bibs are really useful and practical items at any dinner, they do present a suffocation risk if the child is left unattended, so make sure you're always sat with your baby when they're wearing one. We've rounded up the best 'my first Christmas' bib designs and styles on the market at the moment, including Christmas bandana bibs, Christmas dribble bibs and Christmas dinner bibs with handy compartments to catch any Yorkshire pudding that might miss your baby's mouth. We've also chosen bibs in a range of fabrics, including cotton and flannel, which are best for young babies who are dribbling or having milk, as well as silicone and synthetic baby Christmas bibs, which are really good for wiping food off quickly and cleanly.

Once you've found the perfect bib for the most exciting meal of the year, you might want to take a look at some of our other Best Buy articles for the festive season, including the best baby dresses for Christmas Day and the best Disney Christmas decorations to bring Disney magic into your home.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

While all of the Christmas bibs in this feature are highly recommended for the special day, we've chosen our favourite of the bunch. This cute Christmas baby bib takes the top spot on our list because of its lovely subtle design that'll go really well with any festive outfit your little one is wearing, the great price point and the fact that it can be personalised with your baby or toddler's name.

1. Prezzybox Personalised First Christmas Dinner Bib

Prezzybox Personalised First Christmas Dinner Bib

If you don't want to go all out with bright colours or a novelty bib then you'll love this chic design featuring cute little characters from the Christmas dinner plate. You never know the fun characters might even encourage your little one to eat a Brussel sprout or two! This bib will go really nicely with any Christmas Day outfit you decide to dress your little prince or princess in as it's white rather than the class Christmassy colours of bright red or green. This bib is 100% cotton and mostly designed for small babies, with cotton being the perfect material to soak up any spilt milk or sick.

Main Features

  • Price:  £9.99
  • Age: 0-3 months

Best Baby Bib For Babies That Are Teething

2. Marks & Spencer 2pk Cotton Christmas Print Dribble Bibs

Marks & Spencer 2pk Cotton Christmas Print Dribble Bibs

If your baby is at the teething stage over Christmas (hang on in there parents, the sleepless night will get better!) then this two-pack of festive dribble bibs will be ideal. A dribbly baby won't ruin your carefully chosen first Christmas outfit if you have these to hand too. The price is great as you get two bibs for £6 and the designs are really lovely too, featuring a fun little penguin that babies will love. The design is on point too, with poppers making it easy to put on and remove and the material is super absorbent towelling to catch that pesky dribble.

Main Features

  • Price:  £6
  • Age: One size

Best First Christmas Baby Bib

3. JoJo Maman Bébé My First Christmas Bibs

JoJo Maman Bebe My First Christmas Bibs

Never forget the first Christmas you spent together as a family with this perfectly festive baby bib. It's a classic shape that'll be comfy for your baby and it will look striking in all your pictures thanks to its vivid red fabric. This bib comes embroidered with the words 'My first Christmas' so when you look back at photos in years to come you'll always know it was baby's first experience of all the joys of Yuletide. The fastening of this bib is velcro so it's best for younger babies who haven't quite learned how to pull off a velcro bib yet.

Main Features

  • Price:  £6
  • Age: One size

Best Christmas Baby Bib For Laughs

4. Juliet Reeves Designs Sprouts For Life Bib

Juliet Reeves Designs Sprouts For Life Bib

Christmas is the perfect time to have a laugh with family and mess around, so start your little one young with novelty Christmas bibs that'll give your Christmas Day guests a laugh. This fun baby bib has a velcro fastening so is easy to put on and remove once your baby or toddler has finished eating all their sprouts (we wish!) and is really easy to wash. You can go to town with a whole set of fun Christmas outfits as there are other items in the range too.

Main Features

  • Price:  £6
  • Age: One size

Best Christmas Bib For Wriggly Babies

5. Paint My Dreams My First Christmas Bib

Paint My Dreams My First Christmas Bib

If your baby is constantly pulling their bib off, you'll love the over-the-head design of this chic bib from Paint My Dreams at Not on the High Street. This bib comes in a nice pared back design so is best for making sure your baby looks smart rather than funny if that's the vibe you're going for. It's best for wriggly babies as you can easily pull it over the head and once on there's no way baby is going to be able to get it off. The fabric is super soft cotton and we love the pretty embroidered reindeer design.

Main Features

  • Price:  £12.50
  • Age: One size

Best For Cute Christmas Baby Bibs

6. Mamas & Papas Reindeer Bib

Mamas & Papas Reindeer Bib

You won't be able to dress up your baby in cute little Christmas characters for many years so you might as well enjoy yourself while you're able to with the cutest Christmas items you can find, including this adorable reindeer bib. It's made from 100% cotton and the soft 3D ears will be fun for your little one to fiddle with while they're having a feed or joining you for their very first Christmas dinner.

Main Features

  • Price:  £6
  • Age: One size

Best For Classic Look Christmas Baby Bibs

7. Jojo Maman Bébé White Peter Rabbit Christmas Bib

JoJo Maman Bebe White Peter Rabbit Christmas Bib

If you like your baby or toddler to look traditional and smart then this bib is the one for you. It has a lovely old-fashioned and classic Christmas design with a cute picture of Peter Rabbit and Cottontail holding a Christmas wreath. The baby-safe velcro fastening is really easy to access and fasten and is super soft and stretchy and really comfy for little necks.

Main Features

  • Price:  £7
  • Age: One size

Best Plastic Bibs For Messy Toddlers

8. Catcher Christmas Weaning Waterproof Toddler Bib

Catcher Christmas Weaning Waterproof Toddler Bib

Christmas bibs for toddlers don't stay clean and smart for long so make sure you invest in a really good waterproof wipe clean bib so that you don't have to worry about sticky fingers and rejected mouthfuls messing up a cute Christmas Day outfit.  If you don't want to go too Christmassy with a design on your Christmas baby bibs, this is the perfect compromise, with a stylish red star design that can be used at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year.

Main Features

  • Price:  £3.99
  • Age: 12 - 36 months

Best Bibs For Baby-Led Weaning

9. Baby Mori Done By Deer Sleeved Bib

Baby Mori Done By Deer Sleeved Bib.

These long sleeved bibs might not be specifically for Christmas, but the pretty animal design and pastel colours with a sprinkling of what could be snow will put you in mind of winter, so will work just as well on Christmas Day as they will in any other season. The long sleeve design is perfect for babies and toddlers who are just learning to eat and are exploring the world of food through the medium of baby-led weaning. The full coverage of these waterproof bibs means any clothes underneath will remain spotless and they're easily machine washable.

Main Features

  • Price:  £14.95
  • Age: Suitable from birth

Best Christmas Baby Bibs For Having A Bit Of Fun

10. Tis The Season For Sprouts Baby Pullover Bib

Tis The Season For Sprouts Baby Pullover Bib

Unless you've got the baby or toddler equivalent of Albert Einstein then chances are they won't be able to read for a long time after they're out of bibs. So, if you don't take things too seriously, how about having a bit of fun at baby's expense by putting them in this funny bib. They'll find it hilarious in years to come when they see the picture and realise their parents still enjoyed a joke even when looking after their baby selves. This Christmas might even be the chance to introduce baby to his or her first sprouts! Good luck.

Main Features

  • Price:  £6.99
  • Age: One size

Kidadl Best Buys curates the top parent-recommended products across the internet for families of all ages and with all budgets in mind. If you liked our suggestions for the best Christmas bibs for babies and toddlers this year then why not take a look at some of our other fabulous festive suggestions like the 10 best Christmas hats for kids and babies and the best first Christmas baubles that will be special keepsakes.



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