10 Best Breast Pads That Are Reusable And Comfortable


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Breast pads (also known as nursing pads, nipple pads, or breastfeeding pads) can be such a lifesaver for breastfeeding mothers.

Essentially, it is a small disc of absorbent material, either disposable or reusable. A breast pad sits within the bra against the nipple and prevents leaking breast milk from seeping onto clothing in between feeds.

Almost all women find breast pads to be a necessity at some point; they can be immensely useful, particularly in the first six to ten weeks after birth when breastfeeding mothers are most prone to leaking. Not only do they protect against stains, but they also keep the skin around the nipple dry and comfortable, free from rashes and infections.

You can start wearing nursing pads whenever you start to notice leaking. Most women won't need them until after they've given birth, though some will notice a bit of leaking in the last months of pregnancy. If you've not yet had time to get hold of any, a folded piece of cloth (handkerchiefs work well) or tissue, or a trimmed down sanitary liner can all work well as substitutes.

There are a number of different options to consider when deciding which are the best nursing pads for you. For many, disposable nursing pads are the easiest choice, but we much prefer reusable pads - a more eco-friendly alternative that works out cheaper in the long run. Made from cotton, bamboo, sometimes even silk, a reusable pad can be chucked in the wash when it gets dirty, saving an immense amount of waste.

Whether they work for you will depend on your body. Whilst many mothers find them an effective alternative, others, particularly those who suffer with heavy leaking, find reusable nursing pads to be less absorbent than thick, padded disposable ones. We find bamboo breast pads to be a good solution here; they're much more absorbent than cotton equivalents.

Finding the right reusable nursing pads for you will take a little research and experimentation. Luckily we've done most of that for you. Take a look at our guide to the best reusable nursing pads and find your favourite.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst all the breast pads on our list come highly recommended, we think these Lansinoh pads are the best.

1. Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads.

We found these Lansinoh Breast pads to be the best reusable breast pads overall. The plant fibre lining in the centre makes them super absorbent, perfect for soaking up leaks quickly. They're lovely and soft too, ideal for women with sensitive skin, and the innovative contoured shape makes them snug and comfortable to wear. Though some women find they hold less liquid than disposable nursing pads, we found these to be the most absorbent of the reusable variety, and only prone to leaking when they're completely saturated, rather than seeping milk through the middle during use like less substantial pads can. The contoured shape hugs the breast, making them less visible through the clothes than competitive brands, and when they're dirty you can pop them into the little wash bag provided.

Main Features

  • Price: £5.59
  • 4 pads
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Nice and soft
  • Super absorbant
  • Contoured shape
  • Invisible beneath clothes
  • Come with wash bag

Best Combo Pack

2. Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads.

These Bamboobies breast pads come in a close second, proving hugely popular with mothers for their ultra-soft feel and the fact that they sit invisibly beneath clothing. Made from a unique three-layer fabric combination that's comprised of bamboo, cotton, polyester and a waterproof outer layer, they're wonderfully soft and nicely absorbent. This combo pack is your perfect starter set, containing two discreet, ultra-thin heart-shaped pads for moderate daytime leaking and two super absorbent overnight pads for heavier leaking or overnight use.

Main Features

  • Price: £12.99
  • 4 pads
  • Washable
  • Super soft
  • Ultra thin
  • Invisible beneath clothes
  • Combo pack for day and night use

Best Eco-Friendly Breast Pads

3. Eco Nursing Pads Bamboo Nursing Pads

Eco Nursing Pads Bamboo Nursing Pads.

These nursing pads make for a super eco-conscious purchase. Not only are they reusable, cutting down on the unnecessary waste of disposable pads, but they're also made from sustainably harvested organic bamboo, further adding to their eco-credentials. This also makes them wonderfully breathable and extra absorbent, so it's an all-around win. They come in a handy multi-pack that includes three round pads for medium to heavy flow, and two cute flower-shaped pads for a lighter flow. They come with a useful carry bag (and wash bag) and, at £11.40 for 10, they're amazing value. You can't lose.

Main Features

  • Price: £11.40
  • 10 pads
  • Washable
  • Organic
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Nice and soft
  • Super absorbant
  • Combo pack for heavy and light flow
  • Come with wash bag and storage bag

Best Breast Pads For Size Variation

4. Baby Bliss Organic Bamboo Reusable Nursing Pads

Baby Bliss Organic Bamboo Reusable Nursing Pads.

Another organic bamboo set, these pastel-coloured nursing pads come in an array of sizes to account for different sized breasts and varying levels of milk leakage -  perfect for first-time mothers who don't yet know how their bodies will react to breastfeeding and want to experiment with different pads to find what best suits them. They're such good value, the contoured design makes them super comfortable and the fabric is lovely and soft. Plus, they come with two bags (one for storage and one for washing) making this a really comprehensive little set. As with lots of reusable pads, they don't have a sticky back and so can move around a little throughout they day, but they come with a money-back guarantee, so if you find you have any problems you can simply return them - bonus!

Main Features

  • Price: £11.99
  • 14 pads
  • Washable
  • Come in 3 different sizes
  • Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Nice and soft
  • Contoured shape
  • Come with wash bag and storage bag
  • Money-back guarantee

Best Nursing Pads For Comfort

5. Close Pop-in Reusable Breast Pads

Close Pop-in Reusable Breast Pads.

These Close nursing pads have everything going for them to make them a really comfortable wear. Firstly, they're soft and silky, sitting pleasantly against the skin even when it's chafed and sore. Secondly, they have that excellent tear-shaped design that makes them fit to the breast like a glove and prevents them from crumpling up in the bra and causing discomfort throughout the day. The same feature prevents them being seen through clothing. There's a mesh bag included for wash time and they're super fast-drying. Some mothers find they don't last quite as long as other brands, but they're still much more sustainable than disposable ones, and much more comfortable!

Main Features

  • Price: £11
  • 6 pads
  • Washable
  • Ultra-soft
  • Contoured shape
  • Invisible beneath clothes
  • Come with wash bag

Best Nursing Pads For Preventing Leaks

6. LilyPadz Reusable Nursing Pads

LilyPadz Reusable Nursing Pads.

These silicone bra pads don't simply soak up leaked milk, they actually prevent you from leaking in the first place. Each breast pad is made from medical grade silicone and works by adhering to the skin and putting pressure against the nipple, creating a non-absorbent barrier against leaks.  They can be washed with a simple soap to keep them clean and because they stick to your skin rather than resting in your bra they allow you to go braless. The flip side of this is that they're very sticky, so probably aren't the best option for mothers who are feeding very regularly, as they can be hard to constantly peel on and off. But these breast pads offer a great way to stay dry all day, saving washing time and breast milk - so really, what's not to love?  

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • 2 pads
  • Washable with oil-free detergent or dedicated wash
  • Prevents leaking and saves milk
  • Medical grade silicone sticks to skin
  • Allows you to go braless

Best Breast Pads For Saving Breast Milk

7. Elvie Catch

Elvie Catch.

There's nothing more galling than the idea of wasting the breast milk your body has worked so hard to create; Elvie Catch cups work to prevent just that. Each little silicone cup fastens comfortably and discreetly over the nipple to catch leaking milk; they can be worn for three hours at a time and hold up to 1oz of milk on each side. You can fasten them securely with the slip-proof silicone skirt that runs around the edge then use the milk you've collected later to add to a feed. Best of all they're amazingly easy to clean - just pop them in the dishwasher or wash by hand under the tap. Ingenious.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.99
  • 2 pads
  • Washable in dishwasher or by hand
  • Collects leaked milk and prevents waste
  • Fits natural shape of breast
  • Slip-proof silicone skirt keeps them secure

Best Breast Pads For Sore Or Sensitive Skin

8. Carriwell Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads

Carriwell Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads‍.

These luxurious silk pads are the best washable breast pads for chafed skin or sore nipples. The silky smoothness of the outer silk layer sits wonderfully soft against irritated skin, and the silk's natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and encourage healing. The internal absorbent layer helps move liquid away from the skin and keeps you dry and comfortable. Just be mindful that whilst these breast pads feel lovely, they don't hold as much milk as competitive brands, and you may have to swap them out for new ones throughout the day.

Main Features

  • Price: £16.02
  • 6 pads
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • Supremely soft and gentle silk
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Best Disposable Nursing Pads

9. Medela Disposable Breast Pads

Medela Disposable Breast Pads‍.

Yes reusable breast pads are our focus here, and yes they're better for the environment, but if you're short on time or low on energy, these Medela disposable nursing pads are great to have as a backup. The padded core makes them supremely absorbent, perfect for mothers who leak particularly heavily, and the adhesive strips on the back keep them in place all day. The chunky absorbent padding does make them visible through clothes though, and they can feel a bit bulky. A good short term option, or as a back up for days when the leaking is heavy.

Main Features

  • Price: £3.99
  • 60 pads
  • Don't require washing
  • Super absorbant
  • Adhesive strips keep them in place
  • Individually wrapped

Best Soothing Pads

10. Lansinoh Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy

Lansinoh Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy.

If you're suffering with engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis, or your breasts just need a little TLC, these Lansinoh therapy pads are just the ticket.  Just heat them in the microwave for 15 seconds to provide relief for plugged ducts and mastitis or pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours to help soothe sore breasts, skin and nipples or relieve swelling caused by engorgement - the pack will stay flexible even when it's frozen. Like breast pads, they can be sipped inside the bra and you can even use them at the same time as a breast pump. You can pop them in for 20 minutes at a time and wash them easily with gentle soap or detergent.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.95
  • 2 packs
  • Reusable, comes with soft washable covers
  • Can be heated or frozen to provide relief
  • Latex, BPA and BPS free
  • Compatible with breast pumps

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