Kids OT Help

As a mother, conscious parenting coach, motivational speaker, lactation counsellor and paediatric occupational therapist with a specialism in child development and feeding, Nekole Amber wears many hats! She runs a successful business named Kids OT Help.

More than 70,000 people are subscribed to Nekole's YouTube channel, where she posts videos on conscious parenting, toy and product recommendations, fun activity ideas and ways to stimulate your child's development. With more than 4 million total channel views and an insightful podcast, it's clear that people value hearing what she has to say.

Away from YouTube, Nekole has a thriving online business and offers courses and 1-to-1 private coaching to help you become the best parent and person you can be, focusing on removing the negative and futile, and bringing helpful, positive change to fill its place.

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