Learn Secondary Maths At Mr Harris' Maths School

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Subjects: Maths

What to expect

Learning maths from home doesn't have to be boring. Luckily, there are loads of awesome free online resources to support you and your kids. If you want to keep up-to-date with your kids' secondary maths work, we have the perfect online class for you! Maths teacher, Mr Harris is offering free maths lessons providing everything you need to revise for foundation level GCSE maths on his YouTube and Facebook page.

Aimed at secondary years 7-11, you'll be learning about a different topic each session. Some of these topics are things like direct and inverse proportion, abstract reflections and mirror lines, multiplying and dividing decimals, an equation of a straight line, compound measures, angles in a polygon, factorising quadratics and mean, mode, median and range. He will help form the foundation of your child's maths skills for their maths GCSE and further maths level in an enthusiastic way. To get the most out of the lesson, Mr Harris will also post a worksheet to download and use after the lesson.

The lessons will stay on the  Mr Harris' Maths School YouTube page afterwards, but if you manage to catch a live stream you might be able to get a shoutout during the session. Teach yourself maths and learn the day away with Mr Harris' brilliant and effective classes! If you have other children, Mr Harris also teaches classes for years 1-3, 3-6, 5-8 and GCSE level maths.

What you’ll need

  • You will need some paper, pencil, ruler and a calculator.
  • Mr Harris will sometimes recommend easily accessible props that you may have handy.
  • Strong WiFi connection.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are on twice a week. Mr Harris posts his weekly timetable on Facebook.
  • These are live maths classes streamed on YouTube for your kids in years 7-11.
  • Mr Harris will teach a range of different topics, like algebra, fractions and averages.
  • If you want to really make sure you understand everything, Mr Harris posts a downloadable resource sheet with problems to solve to help you continue to learn after the lesson.
  • Don't forget you can submit photos of your completed work on the Facebook page.




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Mr Harris has been a maths school teacher for 16 years and he will be running a range of educational classes online on YouTube during the day for different age groups. He will be covering years 1-3, primary school years 3 to 6, transition years 5-8, foundation GCSE years 7-11, higher GCSE years 9-11 and A-Level maths.

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