How To Talk To Kids About Race

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What to expect

Did you know that the worst conversation you can have with your kids about race is no conversation at all? As early as three years old, your kids are already classifying people based on their appearance. Find out with this informative video by The Atlantic how you can talk to kids about race and nip any biases in the bud.

There are so many ways to talk about race and racism to a child. This video is a great starting resource for parents who want to know how to teach kids about racism. The author gives handy tips and advice to help parents of all backgrounds on the best ways to teach and talk about race. He highlights the importance of talking about race early, often and honestly, as well as how experiential learning can also have a big impact.

As the author discusses, racism is detrimental to our entire society - whatever the colour of your skin. Everyone is impacted, so it's really important to start talking about race from early childhood, especially if you and/or your child is white and inherently in a position of privilege. There are so many ways to approach conversations about racial equity and this video gives you some great ideas! If you are interested in diverse stories for children, check out Tàta Storytime, featuring stories written by authors and read by actors of African, Caribbean, and African American heritage.

What you’ll need

  • All you need is a quiet spot to watch this video for 3 minutes.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • Listen and learn how to start talking to your kids about race.
  • Need more resources on talking to kids about race? Kids OT Help has a great video too.




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