Discussing Black Lives Matter With Your Kids

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What to expect

Join the formidable Nekole from Kids OT Help as she discusses how to teach your children about racism, specifically covering the Black Lives Matter movement. It's never too early to teach kids about race, but Nekole specifies that parents must take culpability and do their own learning in order to effectively have these conversations with others.

Nekole offers a clear, concise explanation as to why parents should care about this movement and the importance of teaching young children (and adults) to embrace racial differences and understand the history behind discrimination.

Parents across the world are being called to educate themselves on race and racism, to learn uncomfortable truths, unlearn unconscious racial biases and become actively anti-racist. She makes it clear that this is not a fad and that we must all commit to this movement and engage in conversations about race consistently; there's no short-term fix to such a long-term problem. There are tons of resources out there if you're stuck, including The Atlantic's simple guide to talking to your kids about diversity and race.

Help your child grow up in a world where diversity is celebrated, where anyone can walk into a situation with equal odds no matter what they look like, and where history classes are not focused on the achievements of white people alone.

What you’ll need

  • A mind open to learning and a spare ten minutes to really listen.
  • A strong internet connection.

What you’ll do

  • Listen as Nekole explains why Black Lives Matter is such an important movement, suggests how to truly start being anti-racist and shares her experiences as a Black woman and mother of Black children.
  • Take the advice you're given, commit to learning and becoming aware and apply it to your life and your children's lives.




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