Attend A Couch Concert From Your Living Room

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What to expect

If you're a musical family you'll love the Kennedy Center's Couch Concerts series. Known as America's busiest performing arts centre before its temporary closure, Washington DC's Kennedy Centre is bringing world-class entertainment to your screens in the form of live-streamed YouTube performances and talks. These epic performances are streamed live from the homes of top artists, bringing some musical magic direct to your living room.

On Monday, the focus is National Spotlight, where the centre partners with another venue and they tell the story of their city through two local artists. Wednesdays are Community Spotlight, which features artists across different genres, entertainment styles and regions, including comedy, hip hop, local DC artists and more. The final live stream of the week is the Artistic Partners Spotlight, where you can expect performances from elite performance groups like the National Symphony Orchestra and Washington National Opera.

This unique concert experience has made live music accessible to the masses, tiding us over until we can head out to a venue as a family and enjoy a concert again together. If your family wants to keep the music alive after the performances, what about making your own or joining a sing-along?

What you’ll need

  • A strong WiFi connection.
  • An appreciation for music.
  • A comfy spot to watch the stream from.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are streamed at 9pm (4pm EST) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless otherwise specified. If you've got younger kids who don't stay up this late, the live streams are kept on the Kennedy Center's YouTube channel afterwards.
  • Settle down and enjoy original performances from bands, instrumentalists, comedians and more as they share their talents with the world.




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