The promotional poster for the show Anything Goes.
The promotional poster for the show Anything Goes.
The promotional poster for the show Anything Goes.
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Central London
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Anything Goes

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What to expect

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Get ready for the multi Tony award-winning musical Anything Goes at the Barbican Theatre, opening in spring 2021 for a strictly limited run.
  • The hit Broadway musical stars Will & Grace actress Megan Mullally and English stage and TV actor Robert Lindsay.
  • With music and lyrics by Cole Porter, Anything Goes is a classical comedy musical with memorable tunes like Anything Goes, I Get a Kick Out of You and You’re the Top.
  • You can expect amusing double-entendres, dancing and singing sailors and a charming love story in this stunning new musical production.

Set to be a summer smash-hit, the major new production of Anything Goes is tap dancing its way across the Atlantic to the Barbican from May 2021 for 15 weeks only. One of the all-time greatest musicals ever made, the new production stars SAG and Emmy award winner Megan Mullally of TV sitcom Will & Grace as Reno Sweeney and BAFTA, Tony and Olivier award winner Robert Lindsay as Moonface Martin.

Cole Porter and P.G. Wodehouse’s classic musical will transport you back to the Golden Age of high society at sea. As the S.S American cruises between New York and England it’s not all smooth sailing as two unlikely couples set off on route to true love. Love doesn’t always run smoothly and sometimes destiny needs a little help from some good old-fashioned blackmail, some all-singing all-dancing sailors and elaborate disguises.

The dazzling production features some of musical theatres most beloved songs of all time, including I Get a Kick Out of You, You’re the Top, Anything Goes, Blow, Gabriel, Blow, Friendship, It’s De-Lovely and Buddie Beware. Anything Goes is the perfect family-friendly musical comedy!

What you need to know before you go

  • Anything Goes is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes long including one interval.
  • On the day of the performance, please bring some form of ID with you and a reference number if you’re collecting your tickets from the Barbican.
  • There is wheelchair access to the Barbican Theatre. There are spaces for wheelchairs at the rear of the stalls and row B of the peer circle. Both have companion seats.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome into the Barbican Theatre. You can also leave them with a member of staff during the performance.
  • Amplified sound is provided for people with impaired hearing through a headset.
  • If you are looking to enjoy some pre-theatre food, there are plenty of places to get something to eat at the venue. The Barbican Kitchen is a family-friendly restaurant serving pizzas, wraps, sandwiches and cakes and pastries. Kidadler Elizabeth recommends the Barbican Kitchen: "It gives a free children’s boxed lunch with every adult meal (including crayons). There is also space for buggies and high chairs." The Osteria is a modern Italian restaurant with a pre-theatre and a la carte menu. The Bonfire restaurant and bar serves burgers, chicken wings and milkshakes. There are also bars and cafes if you would like a snack or drink.
  • A cloakroom available is at the venue, which you can leave large bags in.
  • There are toilets and accessible toilets throughout the venue.
  • The Barbican Theatre has air conditioning.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged or cancelled, unless specifically stated otherwise at time of purchase.

Getting there

  • The main entrance to the Barbican is on Silk Street, but if you are coming via the walkways, you can also enter on Level 2.
  • The nearest Tube stations to the Barbican Theatre are Barbican, served by the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, St Paul’s, served by the Central line, and Moorgate, served by the Northern, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. They are approximately a seven-minute walk away to the theatre.
  • Moorgate is the nearest railway station, and is served by Great Northern trains to Hertford, Letchworth and Stevanage.
  • The nearest bus stops to the Barbican Theatre are on Beech Street, served by routes 76 and 153, and City Road, served by routes 21, 43, 141, 205, 214 and 271.
  • The NCP London Barbican is situated on Aldersgate street and is an eight-minute walk from the theatre.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines
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See the brilliant hit musical Anything Goes starring Megan Mullally and Robert Lindsay at the Barbican Theatre.


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