Pitbull Pug Mix: 15 Facts You Won't Believe!

Read this interesting pitbull pug mix facts to learn more about this dog that is crossbred between a pug and an American pitbull terrier.

It is pretty difficult to know about all the dog breeds when there exist so many around the world. The most difficult breeds to get information about are the mixed ones. One such mixed breed is the pug pitbull mix. This dog came into existence with the breeding of two popular but starkly different dogs — the American pitbull terriers and the pugs. The exact information about their origin of breeding or time of breeding is unknown. Both these breeds are different in size and behavior, and the temperament of the mixed dog puppy is dependent on both parent breeds. This explains that the mixed dog has a mild temperament.

The pug was formerly a favorite of the Chinese royalty. You can read about the pugs in early history that dates back up to 206 B.C. where they even had guards to protect them. In the 1500s, though, these breeds were imported to Europe. After the Civil war took place, the U.S. was introduced to pugs, and in 1885, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed.

Pitbull terriers were first seen in England in the 19th century. The breed was used for sports like bull and bear-baiting. In 1835, these forms of games became illegal, and then the breeds of pitbulls were used for dogfighting. The pits had their purpose changed when they were finally imported to the U.S. They started guarding farms and livestock and started helping hunters.

The mixed pit pug dog has two parents with drastically different histories. One of them being royal pets, whereas the other one being used as hunting dogs and bait. The mixed features of both parents from different backgrounds are what make these mixes special. It has the confidence of the pitbulls and the mellowness of the pugs. You are going to love this breed if you get one.

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Pitbull Pug Mix

Fact File

What do they prey on?

Meat and kibble

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

20-50 lb (9-22 kg)

How long are they?

14-18 in (35.5-45.7 cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Yellow, brindle, red, fawn, black

Skin Type


What are their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Not Evaluated

Where you'll find them

Apartments, homes







Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris





Pitbull Pug Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a pitbull pug mix?

The pitbull pug mix is a dog breed bred from the parent breeds, American pitbull terrier and pug. Some other pitbull mix breeds are the German shepherd pitbull mix, pitbull Lab mix, and pitbull boxer mix.

What class of animal does a pitbull pug mix belong to?

A pitbull pug mix, being a dog, belongs to the class Mammalia.

How many pitbull pug mixes are there in the world?

The number of pitbull pug mixes is not mentioned because there is no exact data available to give us information about their population around the world.

Where does a pitbull pug mix live?

The locations from where the pitbull pug mix was originated are not exact. Their parent breeds, although, have different locations. The pug is originally from China and was transported to European countries, whereas the pitbull terrier originated in England and was taken to America later on.

What is a pitbull pug mix's habitat?

The habitat of the pitbull pug mix is the one where they can be left to have fun. However, they need people around them and can therefore live comfortably in homes or apartments.

Who do pitbull pug mixes live with?

The pugbull terrier can live with other dogs, animals, and humans with ease. These are friendly dogs and find no trouble in living with others but are stressed if they have to live alone.

How long do pitbull pug mixes live?

The lifespan of the pitbull pug mix is 10-13 years. The dog of this mixed breed can give you so many memories in the timespan of 10-13 years.

How do they reproduce?

Dogs are mammals, and they reproduce sexually. A pitbull and pug breed to form a pug pit. Now, the mixed breeds can reproduce sexually with their own breed to give birth to puppies. But if you want to breed pug and pitbull breeds so that pug pit can be born, then you will have to consult a professional breeder. Other than this, when the dogs mature, they are ready to breed. The female dogs enter the estrus cycle and get ready to mate. Once the male and female dogs mate, the gestation period starts. When the gestation period ends, the females give birth to puppies. The puppies have their eyes closed when they are born and cannot feed themselves. Hence, they feed on their mother's milk after they are born. After some days, their eyes open, and they feed on solid foods along with their mother's milk.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of pitbull and pug mix can come under the category of Not Evaluated as it is a mixed breed and is bred from two other dog breeds. However, the pugbull terrier is recognized by the DRA (Dog Registry of America).

Pitbull Pug Mix Fun Facts

What do pitbull pug mixes look like?

The pug pitbull mix can be seen as a smaller version of a pitbull terrier. The pugbull terrier has its appearance or features depending on the parent breed it takes most after. The nose color can also differ because of the parent breed. Some pug pit dogs can have curly tails; some can have almond-shaped eyes. Some can even have the muzzle of the pitbull terrier. This designer dog can have its features based on its parents.

Pit pug are crossbreeds that grow at a faster pace than the pugs.
*Please note that this is an image of a pug, not a pitbull pug mix specifically. If you have an image of a pitbull pug mix, please let us know at

How cute are they?

As a pug dog is super cute, the pitbull pug mix is cute as well. The mix puppy of American pit and pugs are adorable enough to make you go aww. The big eyes and the size of these designer dogs are enough to make you go crazy for the mixed breed and have them as your own pet. The mixed puppies will make you cuddle them with their cute looks.

How do they communicate?

The pug pitbull mix communicates with the help of body language and vocalizations. The mixed-breed uses different vocalizations like whimpering, growling, and barking for communicating. Whimpering means that they are being submissive or want to eat food. Barking means they are warning. Growling means that they are trying to scare you or telling you to back off.

The pitbull mix with the pug also uses body language to communicate. A pugbull will wag its tail to show its excitement. The straight ears mean that they are being alert or are focused on something, whereas the dull face means that they are sad. You can get familiar with all the behaviors once you get to know your dog really well.

How big is a pitbull pug mix?

The pug pitbull mix is a mixture of two breeds pug parent and pitbull parent. So, the weight of a pugbull is around 20-50 lb (9-22 kg), and its length is about 14-18 in (35.5-45.7 cm). It is a medium-sized dog and is about twice the size of a pug.

How fast can a pitbull pug mix run?

The pit bull terrier is an athletic dog that can run at a speed of 25-30 mph (40-48 kph), whereas pugs run at the speed of 5-10 mph (8-16 kph). So, you can say that the mixed dogs can run at average speeds. The speed at which pug-a-bull runs is not mentioned properly anywhere.

How much does a pitbull pug mix weigh?

A pitbull pug mix has a weight ranging between 20-50 lb (9-22 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Generally, the female species is called a bitch, whereas a male species is called a dog. Other than this, both genders have the common name - pitbull pug mix. The mixed breed is known as other names as well - pit pug, pugbull terrier, pugbull, pug-a-bull, pit-a-pug, and pugabul.

What would you call a baby pitbull pug mix?

A baby of a pug pit is known as a puppy. The mix puppy has features from both parents. The mixed puppies should be taken care of when born so that their health stays stable with time and they do not have health issues like their parents - pugs and pit bulls.

What do they eat?

You can feed these dogs a proper diet with a good nutritional value so that their health is maintained and their energy levels can be taken care of. As weight gain is a problem in dogs, they should be fed at proper intervals and should be given exercise time. The training for food should also be given so that they eat properly and not too much affecting their own health.

Are they slobbery?

All dogs are somewhat slobbery, and pug pits are slobbery as well to some extent.

Would they make a good pet?

Pug pits make a really good pet. They can be really playful with their good temperament. This can be a good family dog, but there are certain things you need to focus on. These dogs need training so that they can be trained to be family dogs. They are really good around children, other animals, and their owners. The training of a puppy is easier as compared to adult dogs. They also need physical activity and exercise on a daily basis so that they don't start destructive havoc. They really do have a high prey drive which can be controlled or taught to control with the help of training. You also need to take care of their health issues so that their health stays OK as long as these dogs are living with you. You can use few positive reinforcement techniques to train them and get them to do some exercise.

Did you know...

Pit pugs are smarter dogs even though they have a silly-looking appearance.

They can grow at a faster pace than the pugs.

They are medium-sized dogs, and training them gets easy if you train a puppy.

Characteristics and health problems

A pug pit is a good family dog. They bark a lot which can be controlled with the help of training. Otherwise, they have a pretty good temperament. There are certain health problems that the breed goes through. These problems are practically inherited from their parents. The health problems that affect a pug pit mix dog are usually eye problems, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, allergies, epilepsy, mange, and pug encephalitis. The most common problem in any dog is hip dysplasia. The pug pit dog is a curious dog by nature and can be really good around everyone, but every dog needs training, and this can be attained by using positive reinforcement techniques so that training the dog can get easier.

Getting your own pitbull pug mix

If you are planning to get a pitbull pug mix, you must know about its price. A pug pit costs around $700-$1200. Sometimes, a puppy can be available at the price of $300-$400 but make sure that you are getting your pugbull puppy or puppies from a reputable breeder. The low price of these designer dogs is because of their pitbull parent as they are easier to find.

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*Please note the main image is of a pitbull, not a pitbull pug mix specifically. If you have an image of a pitbull pug mix, please let us know at



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