Pitbull Poodle Mix: 15 Facts You Won't Believe!

The pitbull Poodle mix is a mixed breed dog that is comparatively less aggressive than its parent breeds.

These mixed breed dogs attain characteristics features from both their parents and are medium-sized dog breeds. They have a thin coat like the Poodle and are a little muscular like the pitbull dog breeds. These dogs need minimum grooming and are known to be high maintenance dogs as they need a lot of care and must be given attention in order to keep them healthy and fit. The health depends on its diet and how regularly it exercises. These dogs are very loyal and friendly and are known to be great in training. They are not very expensive and are loyal and friendly dogs which makes them a perfect family dog. These mixed breed dogs are vulnerable to a lot of health issues like hip dysplasia and must not be fed chocolates and cheese as these are harmful to these dogs. Read on to discover this adorable mixed-breed.

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Pitbull Poodle Mix

Fact File

What do they prey on?

Cheese, carrots, eggs, milk, salmon, peanut butter, dog food

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

40-70 lb (18-31 kg)

How long are they?


How tall are they?

18-24 in (45.7-60.9 cm)

What do they look like?

Fuzzy gray, white, black, and brown

Skin Type


What are their main threats?

Health conditions and diseases

What is their conservation status?

Not Evaluated

Where you'll find them

Moderate temperate countries


Residential houses worldwide





Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris





Pitbull Poodle Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a pitbull Poodle mix?

The Poodle pitbull mix is a mixed breed dog also known as Pidoodle. The pitbull Poodle mix is a mixed breed dog that is given birth to when a pitbull is crossed with a Poodle. Some other pitbull mix-breeds are the German shepherd pitbull mix and pitbull boxer mix.

What class of animal does a pitbull Poodle mix belong to?

These mixed breed dogs belong to the class of Mammalia.

How many pitbull Poodle mixes are there in the world?

This terrier and bull mixed dog breed are quite common, but the exact number of individuals in the world is not known precisely.

Where does a pitbull Poodle mix live?

The Poodle pitbull terrier is known to live in a house and is often seen training or exercising in backyards.

What is a pitbull Poodle mix's habitat?

This mixed terrier breed is generally seen living in normal conditions in a house as it is a domestic dog. These dogs are good at training and follow commands.

Who do pitbull Poodle mixes live with?

This mixed breed has a minimal coat, unlike parent Poodle, and is known to live well with humans and other dog breeds. Training these dogs is easy as they are friendly and not much aggressive.

How long does a pitbull Poodle mix live?

The pitbull terrier is known to have a lot of health problems, and this mixed breed is known to live for about 10-15 years.

How do they reproduce?

The pitbull Poodle mix is created when a pitbull mates with a Poodle. The puppies have traits from both their parent breeds. They resemble their pitbull and Poodle parents but do not attain all their qualities. The puppies are given birth after a gestation period of about two months or nearly 62 days. These mix-breed dogs are known to attain sexual maturity at the age of six to nine months.

What is their conservation status?

The pit bull Poodle mix-breeds are mixed breeds and are currently Not Evaluated according to the IUCN Red List as they are not natural but are hybrids. They are present in decent numbers worldwide, and the main reasons for their population decline are health issues and conditions like hip dysplasia. In order to keep these mixed breed dogs fit and healthy, they must be given proper training and made to exercise regularly as it helps them avoid a lot of conditions and health issues.

Pitbull Poodle Mix Fun Facts

What do pitbull Poodle mixes look like?

These breeds have a minimal curly coat on their face and ears which makes them look like the standard Poodle. The Poodle is generally a medium-sized dog that is found in white, gray, brown, and black colors. They have medium-sized tails.

The pit Poodle breeds are medium-sized dogs and have little tufts of fur all over their face and ears.
* Please note that this is an image of a pitbull, not a pitbull Poodle mix specifically. If you have an image of a pitbull Poodle mix, please let us know at

How cute are they?

The pit boodle is a very cute mixed breed dog as it resembles its parents, the pitbull and the Poodle, and the puppies are also somewhat like Staffordshire bull puppies. They require minimum grooming and are considered to be amazing family dogs. They have a minimum coat over the body and need to be made to exercise daily in order to stay healthy.

How do they communicate?

The pit bull and Poodle mixed breed dogs communicate with barks and vocal sounds when they are angry or sad and generally will shake their tails when happy. They are awesome in training and follow commands nicely.

How big is a pitbull Poodle mix?

The pitbull and Poodle mix body size usually average at the height of 18-24 in (45.7 cm-60.9 cm). Therefore, this Poodle mix is just a little shorter than the standard Poodle and is almost double the size of a miniature Poodle.

How fast can a pitbull Poodle mix run?

The Poodle and pitbull mix dog is known to have traits from both its parents, and the exact speed is not specified for this breed, but it is expected to be around 30 mph (48 kph). Their speed and stamina can be enhanced if they are made to exercise regularly.

How much does a pitbull Poodle mix weigh?

The pit boodle is a medium-sized dog breed and weighs around 40-70 lb (18-31 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The pitbull Poodle mix breeds do not have particular names for male or female species but they are also called bull terrier, pit boodle, pitbull terrier, and American pitbull poodle. These dogs have the pitbull and Poodle dog breeds as their parents.

What would you call a baby pitbull Poodle mix?

The baby pitbull Poodle mix is called a puppy and these mixed breed dogs are easy to train.

What do they eat?

While feeding a Poodle dog, you must keep in mind the things that should not be fed to this mix and limit certain foods as they can cause serious fitness problems to this dog. This mixed breed can be fed carrots, cheese (limited), chicken, bread, and dog food. They must not be provided with excess cheese and chocolates as these foods have a serious impact on their health. These dogs are not hunted by any particular animals as the poodle is a domestic dog that is barely seen in the wild. In rare case scenarios, they can be hunt by wild animals like big cats and wolves in the wild.

Are they slobbery?

A pitbull Poodle mix is a dog breed that is known to be smart, loving, and an amazing family pet. This breed does not need much grooming and is a dog breed that can be trained easily and is very loyal. No, these dogs are not very slobbery, unlike their parents. The pitbull is known to be a very slobbery dog species, but this trait is not seen in Poodle dogs. The Poodle dog needs proper health care to avoid issues related to health.

Would they make a good pet?

The Poodle pit bull mix-breeds are medium-sized dogs that are given birth to after a cross between the pitbull and Poodle breeds. They are amazing pets and are considered be great family dogs as they get along with the whole family quite well, including children. Just like Poodle breeds, they have coats of fur on the body and have fluffy ears. These dogs are not very expensive, but taking care of them can be a little expensive. These dogs do not need much grooming like the Poodle and are not as aggressive and short-tempered as the pitbull species. These dogs are amazing during their training, and it is advised to make your pitbull Poodle mix exercise daily as they are vulnerable to a lot of health conditions like hip dysplasia. Overall these pitbull mixes are amazing dogs that make great family pets.

Did you know...

The Poodle pitbull mix should not be fed with chocolates, or a lot of cheese as both of these are harmful to these breeds and can end up making them seriously sick or even become the cause of their death too. Make sure you learn about their diet and what food items they can be fed with, and what should be avoided to keep their health and away from health issues.

The Labradoodle is the most famous Poodle mix and is considered to be the best mix.

Getting your own pitbull Poodle mix

The Poodle pitbull mix is an amazing mixed-breed dog species that is obtained after a cross between its parent breeds, i.e. the pitbull and Poodle dogs. These mixed breed dogs are very friendly and are not as aggressive and high tempered as the pitbull species but are neither as tall as the Poodle species. These mixed breeds need to be taken care of properly, and the price starts from $400 and goes up to $1000 too. The cost depends on the reputation of the breeder. The more famous the breeder, the more expensive they will sell this mixed breed for. Although this mixed breed dog is not very expensive, taking care of them is as their medical bills and other bills can add up to $1500 a year. These dogs are already vulnerable to many diseases and can even have serious health conditions that might even end up killing them or making them paralyzed. Hip dysplasia is one of the health conditions that is seen in these mixes generally. This dog will not give its owners a hard time as it is known to eat a lot of human food too, like carrots, peanut butter, bread, apart from the dog food. This is a very friendly and cute dog that makes for the perfect family pet.

Comparisons with other mixes

The pitbull Poodle mix is a mixed breed dog that is given birth to when a pitbull is crossed with a Poodle. These dogs are less aggressive than one of their parents, i.e. pitbull dogs, and are low-tempered dog species. These dogs are very friendly and perfect for keeping as a pet. These dogs have traits from both their parents, which is evident in their appearance as they are neither as muscular as pitbull species nor as slim and tall as poodle species. Also, they are the least aggressive when compared with other pitbull mixes. The American pitbull mixes are generally less tempered dogs and get triggered quite easily. Naturally, other mixes of pitbull and Poodle dog species can live for about 8-10 years, but the pitbull Poodle mixes can live up to 15 years if they are taken care of well and provided with nutritious food. They are beautiful dogs as their parent breeds are powerful as well as attractive dog species.

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*Please note the main image is of a Poodle, not a pitbull Poodle mix specifically. If you have an image of a pitbull Poodle mix, please let us know at



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