Daniff: 15 Facts You Won’t Believe!

Daniff facts about the guard dog breed

The daniff dog from the family Canidae is a designer breed that was created by allowing the mating between a Great Dane and a Mastiff. Much like Great Danes, the daniff is a laid-back dog, which is extremely sociable with humans and has a medium energy level that improves its trainability and friendliness. However, the good-natured demeanor of a daniff dog does not mean that the Daniff will not protect its family or owner ferociously when the time or need arises. Extremely well-suited for families and people that live in large and sprawling houses that have plenty of space for the dog to walk about. The Daniff breed can grow to be as heavy as 115-140 lb (52-63kg) and as tall as 27-33 in (68-83cm). This dog breed is also known for its intelligence and loyalty. The only characteristic you, as an owner, will have to satisfy is that you must be patient with these gentle giants. Their fur coats, being short-haired, neither shed nor do these pet dogs require heavy or regular maintenance.

Read on to discover some interesting facts about these massive canines. After reading these interesting facts on daniff dogs, do check out our other articles on German shepherd facts and Great Dane facts.


Fact File

What do they prey on?

Small Animals, Birds

What do they eat?


Average litter size?

6-8 puppies

How much do they weigh?

115-140 lb

How long are they?


How tall are they?

27-33 in

What do they look like?

White, Fawn, Black, Brindle, Brown, Spotted

Skin Type


What are their main threats?

Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them



United States





Scientific Name

Canis Lupus Familiaris





Daniff Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Daniff?

It is a classified hybrid dog breed with a medium energy level. It is basically a designer canine obtained by crossbreeding two very popular breeds of dogs, that is the Great Dane and the mastiff. Daniffs are also known as the great daniff, English daniff, Great Dane and mastiff mix, and mastidane. These canines bring together the best of their ancestors to present you with a special package of gentle giants.

What class of animal does a Daniff belong to?

The daniff dog belongs to the class Mammalia; that is, organisms that are characterized by the presence of milk-producing mammary glands for the nourishment of their young ones. Designer dogs or more popular hybrid dogs have been around for quite some time now. Slowly but steadily, the mix and match experimenting is gaining up with the breeding world. Though not much known about the actual origin time of these canines, these pet dogs were first registered by the International Designer Canine Registry by 2009. The popularity of these pooches has gained pace in the last 10-15 years.

How many Daniffs are there in the world?

There are no accurate estimates of the total number of daniff dogs in the world, however in general the popularity of designer dogs has rapidly increased over the years. Since daniffs present a package deal of loyal, adaptable, and lovable companions with hearts as big as their sizes, the intentional crossbreeding of these canines has gained rapid pace over time. As a category of acclaimed mixed breed, the daniff population is steadily increasing.

Where does a Daniff live?

The daniff mastiff lives with humans at their houses or farms. Essentially, any house which can offer plenty of space for this gentle giant to walk around or simply sprawl across the floor is an ideal living location for daniffs.

What is a Daniff's habitat?

An ideal habitat for daniffs would be a setting where these pets can get regular exercise and work out. These canines would highly appreciate spacious settings such as houses with a backyard, farms, or large spacious rooms. However, dogs of this breed may also adjust and adapt to suburban areas and apartments, if this giant dog breed is provided with space for regular exercise or walk in parks.

Who do Daniffs live with?

Quite deceptive to their massive looks, the daniff's temperament is a group of lovable, gentle, loyal, and protective breeds of canines. These Great Dane and mastiff mixes are friendly dogs who love to stay with their human family and are excellent with kids as well as senior members of the family. The daniff dog breed also makes great watchdogs. Though not particularly aggressive, a daniff dog remains wary of strangers until they settle on trusting them around.

How long does a Daniff live?

The Daniff dog has a life expectancy of about 8-12 years. The health conditions of canines vary depending on various factors such as climate conditions, surroundings, changes in the environment, exposure to diseases, and nutrition. When suffering from any kind of health disorder, the lifespan of these canines is affected, leading to shorter longevity.  In order to prevent any health issues, it is important to keep your canine in the proper surroundings and conditions.

How do they reproduce?

The reproductive cycle in these full-grown daniff dogs begins when the female dog comes of age, and there is an onset of the heat cycle. This phase is followed by the female daniff becoming receptive to the male, which lasts for about up to 11 days. On the other side, the male daniff dog ready for breeding should be tall enough to be able to mount the female daniff. During her heat cycle, the male black daniffs are attracted by certain hormones and scents produced by females. However, in the case of designer breeds, mating may also be induced between the male and female dogs by the breeder. The reproductive cycle of a female daniff then proceeds, leading to fertilization. The gestation period of a female daniff can range between 58-68 days. The female gives birth to a litter size of up to eight puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Even though the exact number of these dogs is unknown, it is estimated that the count of this breed is quite steady and, in fact, is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, this dog breed is a mix of Great Danes and English mastiffs, both of which are popular breeds with a healthy population. Hence it can be safely said that their population is steady and does not face any threat of extinction.

Daniff Fun Facts

What do Daniffs look like?

The daniff is an excellent family dog with minimal grooming requirements.

The fur coat of daniff dogs is short and doesn’t shed much from season to season. Essentially, to look at the daniff is as big as a Great Dane and as muscular as a mastiff. Usually, daniffs come in various fur colors. Some can be fawn-colored all throughout except near their snouts, where it darkens gradually into black. Other daniffs can be full brown or black and other colors could be a mix of black and white or some other basic color with patches of a contrasting color strewn across the body.

How cute are they?

Though the daniff breed comes in massive sizes, this dog breed is correctly nicknamed gentle giants. These daniff breed pooches with their big hearts, beady eyes, and loyal, affectionate nature are definitely a cute and fascinating group of canines. A Daniff puppy is absolutely cute to look at.

How do they communicate?

Daniffs, like all other dogs, use their barks, tails, and actions to communicate. When they feel threatened or the need to be aggressive arises, either against an unfriendly human or a competing alpha animal, the daniff will bark with its fur standing on its end. To communicate joy and excitement, this dog will wag its tail vigorously and pull its ear muscles back. Much like other dogs, the daniff also makes use of its emotive eyes to express how they feel at that moment.

How big is a Daniff?

Daniff size incorporating the immense sizes and height of its ancestors the Great Dane and English mastiff, is a group of large-sized canine breeds. The average size or height of a bull Daniff ranges between  27-33 in. Managing the

How fast can a Daniff run?

Though the exact running speed of an Italian Daniff is not known, these dogs are quite agile and extremely swift while running.

How much does a Daniff weigh?

A healthy adult daniff with good height weighs anywhere between 115-140 lb (58-70kg). The weight can vary depending on their eating regimen, exercise, environment and more. The male members of the species are generally larger than their female counterparts.

What are the male and female names of the species?

As the Great Dane and mastiff mix is a canine breed, the species belongs to the genus Canis Lupus. A male daniff is called a dog and a female daniff is called a bitch

What would you call a baby Daniff?

The daniff is a designer canine, reared by incorporating the characteristics of the Great Dane and the Mastiff. Hence, the young daniff will be called a daniff puppy.

What do they eat?

This dog breed is large in size and height and is easily adaptable with families. They are omnivores and their diet can include fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, raw food, kibble, bones, and high-quality dog food. However, due to their massive size, the dog food quantity should be consulted with the vet in order to provide sufficiently for the pooch without overfeeding it.  

Are they hypoallergenic?

Generally, this breed is not classified as hypoallergenic and doesn't have many common health problems or health issues. This means that there are chances your allergies would act up if you interacted closely with this dog breed leading to common health problems. However, since this dog breed by default has a short upper coat as well as a short undercoat that does not shed as much as other dogs, you are less likely to experience a flare-up of your allergies with this dog breed. However, a daniff dog may suffer from health issues like hip dysplasia, just like its parent breeds.

Would they make a good pet?

Absolutely, daniff puppies would make for excellent pets. One of the main reasons for this is that both sides of daniff pup's ancestors, despite originally being hunting or fighting dogs, gradually became either companion dogs or herding dogs. The daniff too, much like their parent breeds, is a gentle giant. However, this large-sized dog breed is a massive one. This means that in order for this dog with floppy ears to be comfortable and have its own physical space, you must be able to provide that kind of space in your home. Therefore, this dog is best suited for people living in large homes with sprawling backyards. Another advantage with this dog breed is its intelligence allows it to learn and adapt to training properly as long as you can be patient with it. It is also an intuitive companion that will love you with all its heart and will always be loyal to its family. It is one of the dog breeds that require intensive training twice a week from a young age itself to remain healthy.

Did you know…

Harlequin daniffs are native to the United States. These healthy designer canines were first reared in soils of the United States.

The parent breeds of the daniff dog, that is, the Great Dane and the mastiff, are known to have their roots embedded long back in history, about as long as four centuries and 15 centuries ago respectively.

These guard dogs are susceptible to various health problems that can affect any large breed of designer dogs such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

What coat colors do Daniffs come in?

Usually, daniff dogs come in various fur colors. Some can be fawn-colored all throughout except near their snouts, where it darkens gradually into black. Other daniffs can be all brown or black and other colors could be a mix of black and white or some other basic color with patches of a contrasting color strewn across the body. The most common daniff coat colors include fawn, black and white, brindle, and even two unique color patterns called merle and harlequin.

What breeds make up a Daniff?

A healthy daniff dog is a designer breed created by mating together an English mastiff dog and a Great Dane.

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