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American Staffordshire Terrier Facts are great for kids.

Are you thinking about introducing a pet to your family? You have come to the right place to know more about one of the best dog breeds, which is the American Staffordshire Terriers. They are also lovingly called AmStaff. The breed is also sometimes called the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which isn't right. These guys are some of the most loving pets that you can get for your home because they are loyal and affectionate. The confident and muscular appearance of these puppers makes them look very tough, but they have an innocence that will melt you after laying your eyes on a puppy. These dogs come in a variety of colors and look very similar to that of the Bull and Terrier. The reason being that they have been bred from Terriers a long time back. Purebred AmStaffs compete in dog competitions all over the world, and they are known for their great speed and intelligent ability to solve puzzles. A pet parent doesn't need to perpetually scratch their heads to take care of this dog as they adapt to places quite quickly. However, the part that needs care is their health and training. These dogs love to exercise, so an ample amount of time should be spent on getting them buffed up through outside work. So, keep on reading to know more interesting facts related to the American Staffordshire Terrier.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Fact File

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

45-70 lb (20-32 kg)

How long are they?


How tall are they?

16-19 in (40-48 cm)

What do they look like?

White, black, tan

Skin Type

Short, stiff coat

What are their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Not Listed

Where you'll find them

Human households, farms







Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris





American Staffordshire Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an American Staffordshire Terrier?

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a dog.

What class of animal does an American Staffordshire Terrier belong to?

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an animal belonging to the class Mammalia.

How many American Staffordshire Terriers are there in the world?

As it is a widely found dog breed no conclusive studies have been done on determining the number of American Staffordshire Terriers that live in this world.

Where does an American Staffordshire Terrier live?

You will get to see an American Staffordshire Terrier living in a comfortable home with their humans. They are even used as farm dogs by some humans.

What is an American Staffordshire Terrier's habitat?

An American Staffordshire Terrier was first introduced in the US as a Staffordshire Terrier. However, many years have gone by, and now the American Kennel Club regards them as their own breed. An American Staffordshire Terrier likes to live in a comfortable home that is neither too hot nor too cold. These dogs cannot be left alone, and they are quite affectionate to their human parents. They have intelligent brains which need regular stimulation, and humans can spend a nice time with them playing dog puzzle games. Though the American Staffordshire Terrier can look a bit scary, they are actually quite friendly to most humans, even if they are strangers. However, this territorial dog isn't really fond of sharing its space with other dogs. AmStaffs are high-energy dogs, so they appreciate an ample amount of space at home. Or, their human can take them on long walks or exercise sessions to work off some of the energy.

Who do American Staffordshire Terriers live with?

As a breed dog, American Staffordshire Terriers live with their human parents and human family. However, a lot of American Staffordshire Terriers have to live in shelters as humans end up abandoning them.

How long does an American Staffordshire Terrier live?

A healthy American Staffordshire Terrier will live on an average for 12-16 years.

How do they reproduce?

An American Staffordshire Terrier reproduces like any other dog. Females go through an estrous (heat) cycle, and mating with a partner leads to pregnancy. Many people choose to breed American Staffordshire Terriers of a specific color or better health to get more calculated results. A female American Staffordshire Terrier can give birth to a litter of 5-10 puppies. A pregnancy can last anywhere from 58-68 days. The puppies are born blind, but they are covered in soft fur. You should check the guidelines of your state or city before breeding an AmStaff as there are restrictions in some areas.

What is their conservation status?

The American Staffordshire Terrier along with other Terrier breeds are widely available over the world. So, they are yet to make an entry into the IUCN Red List of conservation. However, the breed is taken to be a threat for some people because of their muscular look, even though AmStaffs are really friendly dogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier Fun Facts

What does an American Staffordshire Terrier look like?

One of the first things to be noticed in an American Staffordshire Terrier is their brawny appearance. These dogs are a little heavy for their size, but it mostly comes from the thick muscles that give them immense strength. There was a time when AmStaffs and other Terrier breeds were used as fighting dogs. At the puppy stage, the American Staffordshire Terrier puppies often have droopy ears and wrinkly skin. Their cute little nose makes them even more appealing. The droopy eyes are retained by the AmStaff breed if the owners or breeders do not perform ear cropping (a practice where the ears of a dog are clipped to give them a fiercer look). One of the most interesting things about the American Staffordshire Terriers is the color of their coat. They come in a variety of colors, and their coat can be of a solid color, or they can be patched. The most common colors include black, white, brown, and tan. The blue brindle variety also looks cool. These dogs generally have a short tail that they are fond of wagging.

American Staffordshire Terrier facts are enlightening for getting dogs.

How cute are they?

The American Staffordshire Terriers are extremely cute because of their whole appearance. Even after getting all muscular they look just like a grown-up puppy. However, as cuteness is subjective, the AmStaff along with the American Pit Bull Terrier have come under the radar of being 'dangerous' dogs. Currently, they come under the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), so if you want to rescue or adopt a cute AmStaff pet, check with the local laws and guidelines.

How do they communicate?

Dogs have different ways through which they communicate. The American Staffordshire Terriers are regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs, so training them is never an issue. The simplest way through which a dog communicates is with the help of its voice. Apart from the usual barking, dogs can also use growls and whine to communicate with other dogs and with humans. Dogs also use their urine as a way to mark their territory or to give directions to a possible mate. They can also use body movements or facial expressions as a way of communication. It is quite easy for a human to get fooled by the innocent, loving eyes of an AmStaff. Humans can also teach this dog breed different ways of communication through proper training.

How big is an American Staffordshire Terrier?

The average American Staffordshire Terrier size for an adult is around 16-19 in (40-48 cm). They are only a little smaller compared to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed that has an average body height of about 17-19 in (43-50 cm). However, they can also be of the same size, and both the breeds are often mistaken to be the other one.

How fast can an American Staffordshire Terrier run?

The average speed of this dog breed is around 25-30 mph or 40.2-48.3 kmph which is quite good for a muscular dog. American Staffordshire Terriers are one of the most agile and sports-loving dogs that you can get. Their high energy level and muscular body makes them perfect for competitions and championships.

How much does an American Staffordshire Terrier weigh?

The weight for the AmStaff breed ranges around 45-70 lb (20-32 kg). The females are a bit smaller compared to the males. This dog breed does carry a little bit more weight on their bodies, so care should be taken about their diet.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males of American Staffordshire are known as dog and the females are known as bitch.

What would you call a baby American Staffordshire Terrier?

A baby AmStaff is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

High-quality dog foods are a necessity for the muscular American Staffordshire Terrier. Due to the high energy level of this dog, they end up using a lot more calories. Hence, their food should include an adequate amount of protein to keep them healthy. The American Staffordshire Terrier diet should include a good amount of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. The dog should have a diet according to their age and body size. So, when you get a dog, make sure to consult a good vet who will be able to prepare a good food chart for the AmStaff breed. This breed has to go through a lot of training which is often triggered with the help of treats, so it is important to keep their calorie intake restricted in the time of regular meals.

Are they slobbery?

The American Staffordshire Terrier has a medium tendency of drooling, but because of their short coat cleaning is never a problem.

Would they make a good pet?

Absolutely. An AmStaff is one of the best dog breeds that a family can get. They were originally bred to have a friendly temperament towards humans, and this intelligent Terrier breed is affectionate and loveable. They are trustworthy dogs who will never leave the side of their parents and family. If someone wants a loyal dog, then the AmStaff will pleasantly surprise them with their good behavior. One of the perks of having an AmStaff as a pet is their low-maintenance requirements. They have a short and shiny coat that needs a scrub from time to time, but they don't shed excessively. Yes, they have long nails that need trimming from time to time. Other than that, it's fairly easy to take care of the dog of this breed.

When someone is adopting or rescuing a dog, they should check if the dog is actually suited for their lifestyle. All Terrier breeds are a little demanding, and it isn't any different with an AmStaff. Along with the bubbly and loyal American Staffordshire Terrier personality comes the need to stay with them. The breed doesn't like owners who abandon them or leave them alone for long hours. You should only think of adopting this breed if your lifestyle doesn't require you to stay away from them for long hours.

Training for an AmStaff is important to help them socialize with others. Terrier breeds are quite intelligent so training them is fairly easy. A lot of exercises should be included in their routine. They can be a little more mouthy than other dogs, so lots of chew toys should be made available to them. The dog breed isn't a huge barker, but at times they will bark, and they can be pretty loud.

If you have children, do not shy away from adopting an AmStaff. They are actually quite great with children, and the socialization training comes in handy. This loyal breed will shower your children with love and affection. Before you rescue the American Staffordshire Terrier, make sure to check the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) guidelines. There are some areas where the breed isn't allowed to be kept in households with children.

So, all AmStaff have excellent potential to be a good pet. All they need is care, love, and a comfortable home. And, no, an AmStaff isn't aggressive, just like any other pet dog. However, all pets can become aggressive if someone irritates them or provokes them into doing something.

Did you know...

American Staffordshire Terriers scored 85.5% in a recent temperament test and they had a higher score compared to popular breeds like Beagles and Chihuahua.

American Staffordshire Terriers are also sometimes called American Staffys.

Characteristics and health issues

When it comes to the characteristics of the American Staffordshire Terrier pets, it can be summed up as loyal, agile, affectionate, exercise-loving, and good with children. Compared to popular belief, the AmStaffs actually have the potential to be really great pets.

However, there are some health issues that you need to aware of before bringing home a dog of this breed. One of the common problems is bad breath, and it can be easily controlled by regular brushing of their teeth. This mainly happens as their gums can often be exposed to the air.

Heart disease is another issue that prevails in aged AmStaff. There are plenty of senior dogs that are left alone. So, a good pet parent should take their dog to a vet, and they will help out with heart disease. Problems can be easily controlled with a good diet and proper exercise.

Another common issue is that of their skin. Dry skin, allergies, and rashes can be seen in the pet. But, a trip to a good vet is able to fix the problems fairly quickly. Pet parents often miss out on taking proper care of an American Staffordshire Terriers coat, but it should be done regularly. The easiest way to care for them is to use a soft bristle brush to catch any shedding.

You should also take a peek at the ears of your pet. As many American Staffordshire Terriers have cropped ears, they have fairly quick wax build-ups. Talk to a vet to ask them about the proper care of the pet's ears.

Getting your own American Staffordshire Terrier

An American Staffordshire Terrier is an amazing dog to have in your home. They are loyal, affectionate, and good with children. If you are confused about getting an American Staffordshire Terrier vs. Pitbull, you can always go for the first one as they do fall in the 'Pitbull' category of breeds. The cost of getting an American Staffordshire Terrier is around $1200-$2000, but it can cost you even more, depending on its color and the way it has been bred. One of the easiest ways to get them is to rescue them as your pet. They are great pets; however, a lot of them end up in rescue shelters as people do not want them. Also, a complete health check-up of an AmStaff puppy answers queries about any of their special needs.

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